What Clothing Do Newborn Babies Need for Summer?

For first-time parents, knowing what clothes to buy for their newborn, and how much, can be a cause for concern. If you're expecting to have your baby during the hot summer months, the following article will help ease your uncertainty.
What Clothing Do Newborn Babies Need for Summer?
María José Roldán

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Last update: 13 October, 2022

When summer’s high temperatures roll around, we all tend to use lighter clothing and enjoy the summer sun. But when it comes to newborn babies, does the same rule apply?
What type of clothing do small babies need for summer?

Despite popular belief, babies should always be dressed warmly no matter what time of year it is.

The clothing you choose for your baby should protect your little one’s skin and body temperature. This is especially true for newborns.

You should also pay attention to the fabrics you choose when dressing your little one. 

Some textures or synthetic materials cause allergies or reddening of the skin. This type of reaction is more frequent in summer due to the heat.

What type of clothing do newborn babies need?

Newborns don’t perceive heat in the same way as older children and adults do. They’re much more sensitive to changes in temperature. 

While it may seem warm to you and everyone else, your baby may not feel the same. In fact, your baby might actually be cold.

Therefore, when dressing your baby, it’s especially important that you cover his head and feet. These are the two areas responsible for regulating your baby’s body temperature.

When it comes to newborns, a cool breeze can be the cause of a premature cold.

If your baby is about to arrive

Organizing a baby’s wardrobe can be an agonizing experience for parents. 

This is especially true for first-time parents due to lack of experience. It can be very difficult to choose what items are truly necessary.

No matter what season welcomes your baby into the world, undershirts are a must-have. Keep in mind that your baby may go through at least two or three outfits a day.

At bedtime, it’s best to dress your little one in comfortable and warm clothing. Avoid articles that have decals, embroidery, etc.

What Clothing Do Newborn Babies Need for Summer?

If your baby’s already here

During summer months, you should opt mainly for cotton garments to dress you newborn.

You should cover your baby’s feet with socks and her head with hats. It’s also a good idea to cover your little one with a light cotton blanket.

That being said, don’t go overboard. Wool and fleece sweaters may cause your child to overheat in the summer, so it’s best to avoid them.

Rather, you can set the air conditioner to a higher temperature and dress your baby in cotton pajamas. As always, make sure to cover her head and feet, as well as her chest.

“It’s important that parents are aware of what type of clothing their newborn needs in the summer in order to maintain a proper body temperature”

Further recommendations about the type of clothing your little one needs in the summer

  • Choose quality fabrics. When it comes to quantity versus quality, it’s best to shoot for good quality. Babies have very sensitive skin during the first years of life. This means you need to choose fabrics that don’t cause skin irritations.
  • Cotton is best. Cotton is a very soft fabric that allows your baby’s skin to breathe easily. When out shopping, look at the tags and opt for articles made of 100% cotton. If you can find organic cotton, this is even better.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing. Articles that fit too tightly on your baby may cause your baby’s skin to overheat and break out in rash. Therefore, it’s best to always put loose fitting clothing on your baby. 
  • Forget about accessories for now. Although it may be tempting to dress your baby in fancy shoes, bows, etc, it’s best to wait a while. Many babies have a hard time getting used to just wearing clothes – after all, they spent 9 month naked in the womb! Using accessories will only create further discomfort.
  • Keep your baby warm. Your baby’s skin should always feel warm to the touch (not hot). If your little one is sweating or his cheeks are red, then he’s probably overdressed. If that’s the case, take off excess clothing for a few minutes. Allow him to breastfeed as well, as he may have become thirsty.
What Clothing Do Newborn Babies Need for Summer?

Summer activities for newborns

During your baby’s first days of life, you need to provide very special care. Your little one is just beginning to develop her immune system, so she’s not ready to fight off germs and illness yet.

Therefore, specialists recommend keeping newborns at home for the first 28 days, at least .

Once this time period is up, you can take your baby out to the park or for a walk. Remember to always follow your doctor’s recommendations and protect your baby’s head and extremities.

It’s also important to keep your baby hydrated with breastmilk (not water) and keep your little one away from direct sunlight.

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