5 Compound Names for Boys and Their Meaning

Discover five compound names for boys and their meanings. They're all so interesting and have so much character that it will be difficult to choose just one.
5 Compound Names for Boys and Their Meaning

Last update: 10 November, 2018

Compound names for boys are an ideal option to give to the new guy in the house – a name that gives him character and practicality at the same time.

Although it may not seem like it, using compound names for boys can give multiple advantages to our sons if we consider the historical tradition of their origin.

In this article, we’ll talk about five compound names for boys that are the most popular and used through the centuries.

We’ll also go through their connection to cultures of Hispanic, Arabic, Germanic, and English origin. You’ll be surprised to learn how these five popular names were formed.

5 compound names for boys and their meaning

Giving a compound name to a male child occurs for various reasons. The most common is when parents can’t decide between a single name and thus decide to use two.

It’s also common when trying to honor grandparents by using their names or so the child can have the option to use the one he likes most as an adult.

We should also consider that there are other names linked to Christian tradition, which have deeply affected people’s taste.

Now let’s look at five compound names for boys and their meaning. Additionally, you can make the combinations you like, according to your interest.

1. Edward Gustav

Gustav is a very old name of Swedish origin whose first appearances in texts are around the year 1225. It was popularized after being used by six kings of Sweden. The behavior of Gustav is associated with introspection and deep love for his parents.

5 Compound Names for Boys and Their Meaning

Edward, which is a name of Germanic origin, comes from a compound word that means “the guardian of wealth.” The name relates to people who are enterprising and sincere – virtues that complement the personality of individuals called Gustav.

2. Michael William

Michael is a beautiful Hebrew name that means “who is like God.” Combining it with Angel is common, in allusion to the archangel Michael.

This name has been spread in almost all languages, especially in English. In fact, it appears as the name that is most used, according to statistics from countries such as the US.

Since the name Michael is associated with tenderness and kindness, many unite it with William, which translates as “protected by God.” This fact gives rise to the idea that the child bearing this name will enjoy an aura of protection and blessing for the rest of his life.

A curious fact: if your child is a twin and his sibling is a girl, Micaela is the female version of Michael. So now you have a good combination idea.

“Giving a compound name to a boy happens for various reasons; the most common is when parents can’t decide between a single name and thus decide to use two.”

3. John Paul

John Paul is a name that has become so popular that it practically makes up one single word. It has various meanings, such as “man faithful to God” and “full of blessings.” It generally relates to the goodness of the apostles, their humility, and their charity for others.

People regard those who bear this name as diligent, hardworking, responsible, and charitable.

People who wear it tend to have great potential to inspire confidence to exert positions of power, in part because great figures such as Pope John Paul II have been references of a dignified life and personality.

4. Francis Xavier

It’s perhaps the most popular male compound name in all Spanish dialects. Virtually all the Francis’ that have a second name will be accompanied by Xavier. This is because, in reality, this name identifies a martyr of the Catholic church.

It became popular after 1622, thanks to Francisco de Jaso y Azpilicueta, a religious man born in the town of Javier in Navarra.

His canonization took place almost a century after his death, but in the oral tradition his name was shortened when referring to him – that’s how the composition was left as Francis Xavier.

5 Compound Names for Boys and Their Meaning

5. Victor Manuel

The name Victor Manuel is associated with victory and protection of God. Victor links to triumph, or more specifically, to victory. Meanwhile, Manuel is a diminutive of Emmanuel, which refers to Jesus of Nazareth and means “God with us.”

This name became popular when it was assigned to Jewish and Moorish children during the Spanish Reconquista as a sign of their conversion to Christianity.

It’s probably very useful to know the historical origin and meaning of the most popular compound names we use for our boys. If you feel identified with one and you like it for your future son, go ahead!

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