Compound Names for Girls: Classic and Modern

Choosing compound names for girls is an increasingly popular option among parents who wish to give two names to the newest member of their family. An example is Maria Victoria. But there are also modern alternatives, such as Emma Paulina.
Compound Names for Girls: Classic and Modern
María José Roldán

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Written by Naí Botello

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Compound names for girls are often chosen because it’s so hard to decide on a single name when there are an infinite number of beautiful names out there. But taking this route can also provide great benefits to your daughter.

First, it gives her the option to choose the name she likes most when she grows up. Meanwhile, if the name is a combination between a common and more international name, your daughter can make connections around the world.

Classic compound names for girls

Many of the names we present below have become popular because they’re associated with public figures, including royalty, writers and artists.

While these are sought after because they’ve been figures worthy of inspiration, other combinations have arisen because of the need to internationalize more names, given that we live in a globalized world.

Below we’ll provide a varied list of compound names for girls. First, we’ll list classic and popular names. Take note, mom and dad:

  • Sarah Jean
  • Isabella Sophia
  • Natalie Valentine
  • Ann Marie
  • Anna Jean
  • Sarah Sophia
  • Lucia Elena
  • Mary Jo
  • Alice Ann
  • Sandra Sophia
  • Oriana Alexandra
  • Jessica Danielle
  • Giselle Claire
  • Stephanie Louise
Compound Names for Girls: Classic and Modern
  • Cecilia Elena
  • Ellie Mae
  • Danielle Alexandra
  • Miranda Danielle
  • Olivia Jasmine
  • Nadia Christina
  • Eva Martina
  • Mia Camila
  • Alicia Maryann
  • Joanna Phyllis
  • Ana Mercedes
  • Frida Sophia
  • Carol Alexandra
  • Barbara Elizabeth
  • Carmen Teresa
  • Carmen Victoria
  • Angela Carmen
  • Clara Elisa

Combinations with Maria

Names combined with Maria are always a very good option, since many people are familiar with the name. This familiarity makes any name sound nice with it.

You can use any of the following names with Maria or Mary preceding them:

  • Victoria
  • Kate
  • Ellen
  • Christina
  • Isabella
  • Camilla
  • Elena
  • Claire
  • Caroline
  • Alexandra
  • Mercedes
  • Antoinette
  • Virginia

As an interesting fact, it should be noted that the widespread use of the name Maria is explained by the spread of Catholicism worldwide.

The use of the name Mary was established as a condition for baptism by priests because it referred to the adoration of the Virgin and symbolized holiness and devotion.

“Compound names have the advantage of giving the girl the option to choose the one she likes most when she grows up.”

Modern compound names for girls

Compound names with a modern twist are very flexible. They tend to vary depending on multiple factors, but almost all are related to pop culture and public figures.

In many instances, the combinations arise when wanting to give the girl a modern name while softening it with a classic name. Regardless, you’ll notice that originality prevails.

A wide variety of options

After researching the more common compound names for girls, here are a few different ideas that can make your daughter stand out from the crowd:

  • Mary Jo
  • Lauren May
  • Lily Belle
  • Alice Blue
  • Sarah Jane
  • Erin Rose
  • Ruby Grace
  • Baylee Ann
  • Julie Ann
Compound Names for Girls: Classic and Modern
  • Dana Michelle
  • Chloe Louise
  • Amber Grace
  • Mabel Nicole
  • Olivia Susana
  • Jean Marie
  • Lily Vanesa
  • Millie Bobby
  • Tiana Jasmine
  • Poppy Grace
  • Ella Rose

We hope you’ll find the perfect name for your daughter with the recommendations we’ve provided in this article.


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