8 Fun Ways to Decorate Baby Bibs

Do you want to have the most original baby bibs? Then read on and find 8 fun ideas to decorate baby bibs!
8 Fun Ways to Decorate Baby Bibs

Last update: 17 June, 2019

Pregnancy is the perfect time to plan everything you need for your baby’s arrival. Among the basics, you should prep up their room and pick out their outfits – of course, adding your own personal touch. That’s why we’ve put together this article with some ideas to decorate baby bibs.

Many people think that a bib is just an accessory to help keep your baby from getting food all over himself, but as a mother you know it’s so much more than that.

Nowadays there are so many models of baby bibs to choose from and many ways you can customize them. So, they’re not only functional, but they can also give an outfit that special touch.

Baby bibs help them stay clean.

Bibs are an accessory that helps keep babies’ clothes from getting dirty while they eat. You can buy them anywhere and they come in many shapes, textures and designs that best adapt to your little one. They’re made with good quality materials, and they’re resilient and easy to clean.

There are many designs you can choose from if you decide to decorate baby bibs for your little one. However, your choice will mainly depend on your child – mainly the baby’s gender, complexion, and reaction to the material the bib’s made of. It will also depend on where your baby will use a bib, like at home, at a party, or a special event.

Although there are many shapes and colors, bibs have some common and important characteristics – for example, they go around the baby’s neck to cover the chest, and they can be kept in place using zippers, buttons, clips, or velcro, and are usually placed at the back of the bib.

Designs for boys

  • A tie or a bow tie

This design looks like a traditional suit. To make a bib with this design, you either draw or place a tie or bow tie in the middle of the bib. You can use any color for the main part of the bib, but white or a very light color will work best.

  • Sports

Sports designs are a great choice that will give the bib a fun look if you’re going to the park. Baseball and football are very popular, but you can choose whichever you’d like. An easy look can be sewing patches with drawings of balls or other sporty accessories.

  • Cars, trains, and planes

Using caricatures of vehicles for a boy’s bib is very traditional. These vehicles are symbols that, usually, refer to the male gender. As with all of the other designs, you can use paint with lively colors and paint the fabric or patches too.

Baby bibs can be customizable.

Designs for girls

  • Dresses

Lively colors, flower patterns, dots, fun edges, or similar features will give the bib a very feminine style for your baby girl. Use sequins to add a little more glitter in specific places.

You could even match your outfit with your baby’s bib. You can get creative with patterns, colors, and accessories until you find a perfect match.

  • Flowers

A great idea for your girl’s bib is to use flowers, following the bib’s opening and drawing petals on it. Look in nature for inspiration: daisies, tulips, roses are some of the thousands of flower patterns you can choose from.

Designs for boys and girls

  • Animals

These are fun and acceptable for every occasion. Their colors and pictures are very lively, besides there are many patterns to choose from to decorate baby bibs like dogs, cats, bears, and other popular choices.

Depending on the animal you choose, you can play with textures to enhance the animal’s features, like felt for a lion’s mane or ribbons for a horse’s back.

Mom and baby during mealtime.
  • Superheros

Superheroes are perfect for your adventurous baby. Choose a character and place their symbol on the front of the bib and a cape to the back. This is very easy to do and it will make mealtimes more fun.

If you’d like to be less conventional and create your own designs to decorate your baby’s bibs, go for it. Create fun and original styles and transform your baby’s bib. Let’s go!


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