103 Girl Names that Start with the Letter Z

Here, you can choose among 103 girl names that start with the letter Z to find the one that's perfect for your baby. Starts now!
103 Girl Names that Start with the Letter Z
Samanta Ruiz

Written and verified by the teacher Samanta Ruiz.

Last update: 12 April, 2023

The arrival of a girl in the family is one of the most beautiful chapters of your life. Have you thought about what you’re going to name her? To help you in your search, we’ll offer you a variety of girl names that start with the letter Z. 

Motherhood is synonymous with joy, hope, and also with changes. You have a thousand things ahead of you to do, such as performing monthly check-ups, eating healthy, exercising, resting, sleeping, letting yourself be pampered, and choosing what you’ll name your baby!

A good idea is to share these moments of joy with your friends and family. Let them discuss girl names and select the best of each person’s opinion. Imagine for a moment how your little girl will shine with the name you choose! If the letter Z is your favorite, it’s time to show it. Here’s a list of names that start with the letter Z along with their origin and meaning so you can start searching.

Girl names that start with the letter Z

According to linguistic experts in regard to the etymology of this letter, for the Phoenicians, the letter Z symbolized a dagger and they called it Zayin. Later and in the evolution of the Greek alphabet, the Greek letter Z was renamed Dzeta. It’s also present in the Arabic alphabet as Zay and in Hebrew as zayyin. However, and for various reasons, when the old Latin alphabet appeared, the Z disappeared.

Only in the first century AD, the letter Z resurfaced at the hands of Roman writers who began to translate Greek texts, where the letter existed. From then on, the letter Z was incorporated into the modern Roman and Latin alphabet. Without a doubt, the story’s very interesting and, surely, it’s one of the reasons why you’ve chosen girl names that start with the letter Z.

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Names that start with Za

  1. Zabana: a popular name frequently used in Asia and referring to ‘plain’.
  2. Zabel: in Armenian, it’s the variant for Elizabeth. In this sense, it alludes to the one who’s ‘engaged with God’ in Hebrew.
  3. Zabelle: along the same lines as the previous option, this is the French form of Zabel.
  4. Zada: comes from Arabic and means ‘lucky’.
  5. Zadie: a feminine name of Persian origin that means ‘prosperous’.
  6. Zaelia: this is the Anglo-Saxon variant of Rosalía.
  7. Zafira: of Hebrew origin, its meaning is ‘woman of great value’.
  8. Zahara: while in Swahili it means ‘flower’, this name also comes from Hebrew and means ‘to shine’.
  9. Zahari: means ‘God has remembered’ and comes from the Bulgarian language.
  10. Zahava: comes from the term zahav, which in Hebrew refers to ‘gold’.
  11. Zahira: a name of Persian roots meaning ‘bud’.
  12. Zaida: of Arabic origin, believed to refer to the title ‘lady’.
  13. Zaina: with the same origin as the previous option, it alludes to the ‘beauty’ of the little girl.
  14. Zainab: in Arabic, this name means ‘aromatic plant’.
  15. Zakia: also from Arabic, this name refers to the girl who is ‘pure’.

More names for girls that start with Za

  1. Zala: this option is African and is used to refer to people who come from southwestern Ethiopia.
  2. Zaley: is the diminutive of the flower and the name Azalea.
  3. Zalie: like the above, this is also a diminutive of Azalea, but more affectionate.
  4. Zalika: in Arabic, it refers to one who is ‘well born’.
  5. Zaltana: comes from the Native Americans to refer to the ‘high mountain’.
  6. Zamzam: this is how the sacred well in Mecca is known.
  7. Zan: comes from Chinese and means ‘support’.
  8. Zana: comes from Jane and means ‘God is merciful’. Likewise, in Hebrew, it alludes to the ‘lily’ flower.
  9. Zandra: this is the variant of Alessandra and refers to ‘the defender of men’.
  10. Zaneta: this is the Russian form of Janet.
  11. Zaniah: in Greek, this name means ‘corner’.
  12. Zaniyah: this is one of the variants of Zaniah.
  13. Zanna: this is another of the forms that exist for the name Zana.
  14. Zara: means ‘she who is beautiful like a flower’, in Arabic.
  15. Zareen: a name of Persian origin that means ‘golden’.
  16. Zarela: this is the variant of Sara, which means ‘princess’.

Girl names that start with the letter Z: from Za- to Ze-

  1. Zari: this is the affectionate diminutive of Zareen.
  2. Zaria: comes from the Hebrew ‘rose’.
  3. Zariah: while in Arabic it refers to a ‘flower’, in Hebrew, it means ‘God has helped’. As for its Russian meaning, it alludes to ‘dawn, morning star’.
  4. Zarin: this is one of the most popular forms for Zareen.
  5. Zarina: comes from Persian and refers to the ‘golden container’.
  6. Zariyah: this is a variant of Zariah.
  7. Zariza: comes from the Hebrew language and indicates a ‘brilliant’ woman.
  8. Zarouhi: comes from the Armenian language and is a derivation of Sara.
  9. Zarya: this is the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology.
  10. Zayna: this name means ‘beauty’ in Arabic.
  11. Zaza: refers to ‘movement’ in Hebrew.
  12. Zazie: this is the French diminutive for Isabelle.
  13. Zazil: of Mayan origin and means ‘transparent spirit’.
  14. Zdenka: comes from Greek and the name Dionysus, the ‘god of fertility’.
  15. Zea: comes from Latin and means ‘grain’.

Names for girls that start with Ze

  1. Zehava: alludes in Hebrew to ‘golden’.
  2. Zela: this is a derivative of Zoe. In this sense, it also comes from the Greek word for ‘life’.
  3. Zelda: this is the affectionate diminutive of Griselda and comes from the German language to refer to the ‘grey battle’. If, in addition, it’s one of your favorite video game characters, you’ll love it.
  4. Zelena: originally from Greece and refers to the ‘goddess of the moon’.
  5. Zelenka: of Czechoslovakian origin and the meaning is ‘fresh and new’.
  6. Zelia: for the one that’s ‘ardent’ in Arabic.
  7. Zelie: this is the French diminutive of Azalea.
  8. Zelig: ‘blessed’, its origin is Germanic.
  9. Zelina: comes from the Greek language to refer to the one who is ‘jealous’.
  10. Zeline: a variant of Celeste in Hungarian. It has a Latin origin and is related to the word ‘heavenly’.
  11. Zella: a diminutive of Marcella for the one who is ‘lacking in nothing’.
  12. Zelma: a form of the Arabic name Salma, which translates to ‘she who has peace’.
  13. Zelmira: means ‘bright’ in Arabic.
  14. Zemfira: this is how the ‘sapphire’ was referred to in Greek.
  15. Zemora: comes from the Hebrew language and refers to a “branch”.

Girl names with Ze-

  1. Zen: although it’s common in China and Japan, it comes from Sanskrit and means ‘meditation’.
  2. Zena: a name of Persian origin that means ‘woman’.
  3. Zenaida: alludes to the ‘life of Zeus’ in Greek.
  4. Zenda: of Persian origin, it means ‘sacred’.
  5. Zendaya: means ‘thank you’ in Shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe.
  6. Zenobia: like Zenaida, it has the same origin and meaning.
  7. Zephyr: in Greek, it refers to the ‘west wind’.
  8. Zera: means ‘seed’.
  9. Zerlin: of Arab origin, it alludes to the ‘beautiful dawn’.
  10. Zerlina: is one of the forms of the name Zerlin. In this case, it has a very Spanish feminine marking.
  11. Zerline: of Latin origin, the word refers to a ‘beautiful sunrise’.
  12. Zetta: comes from Hebrew and means ‘olive’.
  13. Zhanna: this is the Russian variant for Jane.
  14. Zhen: in Chinese, it means ‘treasure’.

Girl names beginning with Zi- and Zo-

  1. Zia: comes from the Arabic language to refer to ‘light’.
  2. Zibiah: means ‘deer’ in Hebrew. In addition, it’s one of the most representative figures to refer to the loved one in “The Song of Songs”.
  3. Zilke: a Germanic variant of Cecilia.
  4. Zinnia: alludes to the name of a flower. For this reason, it also means ‘memory’.
  5. Zira: means ‘messenger’ and is of Hebrew origin.
  6. Zirel: refers to the girl who is ‘noble’ in Hebrew.
  7. Zita: Refers to a ‘seeker’ in Greek.
  8. Ziva: of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘brightness’.
  9. Zivanka: in Slavonic, this is known as the one who is ‘full of life’.
  10. Ziza: of Hebrew origin, it refers to ‘splendour, abundance’.
  11. Zoe: comes from the Greek language and means ‘full of life’.
  12. Zofia: is the Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian variant of the Greek name Sofia. Therefore, it also means ‘wisdom’.
  13. Zohara: refers to ‘light’ in Hebrew.
  14. Zoila: she is one of the most beautiful Zoe variants.
  15. Zora: comes from Serbian and refers to ‘dawn’.
  16. Zoraida: of Arabic origin and translates as ‘the woman who gives support’.
  17. Zorina: its origin is Slavic and, like Zora, it means ‘golden dawn’.

Girl names with the letter Z: from Zo- to Zu-

  1. Zosia: This is the Polish variant of the Greek name Sofia.
  2. Zuelia: means ‘peace’ in Arabic.
  3. Zuleika: of the same origin as the previous option, it refers to the girl who is ‘fair’.
  4. Zulema: an Arabic name whose meaning is ‘peaceful woman’.
  5. Zunduri: means ‘beautiful girl’ in Japanese.
  6. Zuri: comes from the Swahili language to refer to the one who is ‘beautiful’. Without a doubt, what all parents think when they see their little girl.
  7. Zuria: a Basque name that comes from zuri, meaning ‘white’.
  8. Zuwena: this African option refers to the ‘good’ person.
  9. Zuzana: this is a form of the Hebrew name Susana, which means ‘lily’.
  10. Zuzi: along the same lines as the previous option, this is the diminutive of Zuzanna.
  11. Zvezda: of Slavic origin, this name refers to a ‘star’.

Other ways to choose a name for your girl

As the legal specialist Francisco Javier de la Fuente Linares points out in his 2012 article, a name is the first thing we know about a person, it’s their letter of introduction and their trait of individualization in society. So, take your time to make the right choice for your next baby. If you’ve already read the list of girl names that start with the letter Z, you’ll surely have chosen one of them.

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In case you want to know other names, you can find many on our site, either sorted by letters or by themes, for example, related to history, nature, or different origins. The variety is huge, so start looking early.

Enjoy simply choosing the one you like the most, that’s enough to realize that it will be the appropriate name for your girl. In short, you’re preparing the first gift for your daughter and you can already tell her when you talk to her. Imagine what her face will look like and how the beautiful name you choose will fit her and remember that:

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

– Pablo Picasso –

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