7 Newborn Essentials that Every Parent Needs

There are two emotions when it comes to meeting your baby after birth: Excitement and nervousness. For the latter, we’ll leave you with a series of newborn essentials that every parent needs.
7 Newborn Essentials that Every Parent Needs

Last update: 19 May, 2022

After the exciting 9-month wait, it’s finally time to meet your baby. You’ve probably racked your brain thinking about everything you need to be ready to receive your little one, and as we don’t want you to make impulsive purchases that you might regret, we’ll leave you with a list of newborn essentials that every parent needs so that your baby can be comfortable and safe.

Newborn essentials that every parent needs

1 – A crib

If you’re a new parent, this might sound too obvious. But choosing a crib and having it a few months ahead of time will allow you to find a place in your room where it’s comfortable, accessible, safe, and ready to receive your little one.

Many babies sleep better when they’re close to their mothers. However, experts don’t recommend sleeping together in the same bed because accidents can happen. Therefore, a crib that can be close to your bed during the first few weeks and months will save you from having to travel to the baby’s room when they wake up in the wee hours of the night.

A mother looking at her baby in his crib.

2 – Appropriate clothing

That’s why the best option is to choose baby onesies. These garments are perfect to keep your little one warm and don’t limit their movements, especially at this stage when they still have involuntary reflexes. The most important thing is the ease with which you can change diapers without having to undress them completely.

3 – Hygiene items

It’s essential that you purchase hypoallergenic products such as swabs, cotton discs, wet wipes, and microfiber cloths to optimize your baby’s cleanliness. In some cases, after cutting the umbilical cord, you’ll need to keep the area clean as it’s prone to leaking some fluids.

Remember that a newborn’s skin is much more delicate and prone to irritation, so avoid abrasive products or fabrics that are too textured.

4 – Diapers, diapers, and more diapers

It¡s estimated that during the first 3 months of life, a baby may need an average of 8 diapers per day. That’s why you should take advantage of good sales to keep yourself stocked for any emergency.

It’s best to calculate what you’ll need for 20 days, as during that period, your baby will grow and the size of their diaper will vary as time goes by.

5 – A small bathtub

During the first year, it’s best to bathe your baby at least two or three times a week. To do so, you’ll need a bathtub that will allow you to offer your child more security.

An ideal bathtub will allow you to keep control of your baby’s body to prevent water from getting into their eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Choose a bathtub with a curvy shape and with an insert inside to make it easier for your baby to sit upright.

6 An infant changing table

During the first months, it’s common for everything seems chaotic while adapting to the needs of our baby. That’s why many times, in a hurry, we end up changing our little one’s diaper in the most improvised places in the house: The bed, the sofa, or even the table.

And, although we may be doubly cautious, it’s best to have a comfortable and safe place to be able to concentrate on hygiene.

A father changing his baby's diaper.

in your arms

7 A transportation system

There are all-purpose carriers that even allow you to adapt the seat to buckle them in the car and travel with the necessary safety. Remember that your baby still has involuntary reflexes, so leaving them in an unprotected area could cause an accident.

Although we know that nothing can prepare you 100% for parenthood, with these newborn essentials, you’ll surely be a few steps ahead of any situation. In any case, remember to enjoy this whole stage that passes so quickly.

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