How to Decorate Your Baby's Bedroom

How to Decorate Your Baby's Bedroom

Last update: 14 June, 2018

In this article you’ll find tips on how to decorate your baby’s bedroom, which is one of the most important spaces in your home.

In it, the child should feel safe and protected, with no fear of anything bad happening. It’s a unique and magical place, where adults are merely guests.

Turning a simple room into a special, dreamlike place is no easy task. Most parents are afraid that by trying to decorate the room, they’ll neglect the baby’s safety. For any parent, splinters, sharp corners, and loose screws make for a true headache.

Fortunately, there are many pieces of advice to guide us when you decorate your baby’s bedroom. You can create a magnificent space that still meets your child’s needs.

What items do you need to decorate your baby’s bedroom?

The crib

Obviously, the crib is the main element in a baby’s bedroom. Parents can choose the design that best suits their child’s needs, while remembering the need for protective barriers.

You also need to ensure that the crib is not adjacent to power outlets or any kind of cables or wiring.

The bedroom carpet

In order to create a warm and homey atmosphere, carpets are absolutely essential. We recommend soft materials to make the baby feel comfortable.

Beyond the crib, carpets provide the perfect place for a baby to play and feel free, without the restriction of bars.

Flexible furniture

Choose furniture that can be converted to serve a different function. As your child grows, he or she will no longer need certain pieces of furniture, rendering them obsolete.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose pieces that can be used for different purposes. These include convertible cribs and small bookcases.

You need furniture that serves multiple functions, like changing tables that might also serve as a space to store clothing or toys.

How to Decorate Your Baby's Bedroom

Lamps and adequate lighting

Appropriate lighting can completely change the style of a room. Install lamps with soft tones, which will help the baby rest. Lighting in cheerful colors might create a distraction, hindering his or her ability to sleep.

You should also ensure that the light isn’t too strong or too dim. Many small children experience sleep issues, and low-intensity lighting can help them fall asleep.

“How sweet it is to sleep peacefully while the poplars that sway and the water that falls whisper in the distance!”

– José Zorrilla

A mirror

It may seem a bit banal, but putting a mirror in your child’s room is essential. It plays a fundamental role in the way your child will become familiar with his or her own body. In order to avoid unforeseen accidents, it’s best to get a plastic mirror.

If you hang it on the wall at a reasonable height, there shouldn’t be any problem. If, however, you get a mirror that needs to be positioned closer to the ground, it’s best not to leave the baby alone with it when he or she is playing on the floor.

A sofa for the parents

Obviously, the room isn’t exclusively for the baby’s use. The parents will also be spending a lot of time here, feeding, rocking, and spending time with the baby.

A sofa by the crib allows for moments of relaxation, where you can be with the newborn while napping, reading, or even working.

Given that the parents will be the ones using it, the most fundamental aspect here is comfort.


For very small children, mobiles are the best option. They hang above the crib and spin by themselves, entertaining the baby.

There are countless different models, the majority featuring animals or other eye-catching objects.

How to Decorate Your Baby's Bedroom

Stuffed animals are also a good idea at this age. They’re soft, safe, and the baby can play with them in and outside the crib. In terms of toys that are harder or contain small pieces, it’s better to leave them for later.

Baby monitors

If the parents’ room isn’t right next to the baby’s room, a baby monitor will be needed. One of the transmitters goes in the parents’ bedroom, so that they know when the baby is crying.

The other needs to be placed near the crib, and both need to be checked often. This way, you’ll know if the batteries are dead or the monitor has stopped working.


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