Mom, Teach Me to Fight for My Dreams

Mom, Teach Me to Fight for My Dreams

Last update: 27 May, 2018

Mom, I just want to ask you a favor: Teach me to fight for my dreams. Show me the importance of pursuing ideals. Of embracing my ideas with passion. Of forging convictions with the strength of my hope and enthusiasm. 

This is all I want in order to be that respectable person that you’ve always dreamed of raising.

Dear mom, it’s true that not everything in life is about good grades and qualifications. Those are just numbers – something simply symbolic. My future doesn’t consist of grades that only tend to classify and label. Nor do I want comparisons .

My value has nothing to do with whatever those parameters say. What really matters are my interests, my integrity, and my desire to keep learningThose are things that can’t be measured.

The fact of the matter is, one thing is true. You’re in charge of building my future. And you do it so well, with complete certainty and conviction.

I have no doubt that I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I love you mom, and I’m grateful for everything you do for me day after day.

Teach me to fight for my dreams

Teach me from a young age to go after my dreams. That way, when I’m older, I can go out and take on the world. I’ll hold on to my deepest desires and I’ll charge after life. 

Thanks to your teachings and example, when I’m an adult, I’ll continue to be strong, determined and steadfast.

You know, mom, that way, I’ll be able to work for what I want. I’ll have the motivation, incentive, faith and hope that I need. 

The last thing I want is to grow up and just fight to earn a living. I’ll have a star that guides me and directs me all through my life. Day after day, night after night .

Mom, Teach Me to Fight for My Dreams

My dreams will be the motor behind my life and my fight. Even when I fall down, I’ll get back up every time and try again. Even when I’m tired.

Mom, please instill in me a vocation – a passion that pushes me to keep going. No matter the conditions or the circumstances. There will be no limits, no barriers, when it comes to taking hold of my dreams .

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

The key to going after my dreams

When it comes to fighting for your dreams, there are two key conditions. They are both necessary and indispensable in order to persevere.

Annihilating fear, pushing panic aside. Permanence, persistence and determination will reign in the face of any obstacle or difficulty.

Goodbye discouragement. Impossibilities don’t exist. All I want are wings that allow me to fly. Believe in me. Trust in my potential. 

Embrace me and care for me. Help my personality and my self-esteem bloom. Nourish my independence and my freedom every single day.

As time goes by, shape and mold me into a strong, powerful soul. Make me see that even my weaknesses can be used to my benefit.

Explain to me all I need to know in order to dream my magical dream – my reason for living. Action and reaction, but above all, structure.

Above all, I need to believe. This implies a good dosage of optimism, positive thinking, but also objectivity. 

I need to learn to be cool-headed and tenacious, just like those obstinate figures that make history. And finally, every desire begins with persistence, and also a fight.

A heaven full of stars to help me fight for my dreams

Mom, Teach Me to Fight for My Dreams

I give you every one of my dreams so that you’ll care for them and protect them always.

Don’t forget that my deepest desire is a star with the ability to give life to an entire constellation. My future. And the path is made of countless stars that twinkle and shine.

No matter what clouds may come, these stars will light my way through life. I know they’ll be there to guide me and inspire me.

And this is just how I will reach my destination – my long awaited goal. And that, mom, will be my mission in life: To accomplish my dreams and live life to the max.

And that’s why I’m asking you – the heroine of my life – one more time, to teach me to fight for my dreams and ideals. Show me how to go after a better future that allows me to be a better person.

Guide me so that I can walk through this life with honor. I want to be happy and live life to the fullest. Thank you, mom, because you do this better than anyone!


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