Mothers Love Their Children More Than Themselves

Mothers Love Their Children More Than Themselves

Last update: 12 February, 2018

We have the following questions to ask you: Do you think that mothers love their babies more than they love themselves? Is unconditional love always reflected in mothers?

How does a mother make the love she feels for her child grow into something bigger than herself? And lastly how do they create new, healthy, happy and lovely lives?

These are the questions we invite you to reflect upon today at here at YouAreMom, and we’re always interested in getting to know your opinion.

The bond between mother and child, although there are some exceptions, is usually the definitive example of unconditional love. A mother will always prioritize the well-being of her child above her own.

The child was in her womb for 9 months, she provides shelter from the first second of conception and waits for the arrival of the child like no one else.

Mothers have always been the protagonists and witnesses of their children’s physical evolution and personality development.

Giving life to a newborn is an act of faith in the future. A commitment that like another great truth, reflects the sublime sensation of being a mother.

From the moment of childbirth, your heart will inevitably reside outside of you. Therefore, it is true, mothers love their babies more than they do themselves. 

Mothers Love Their Children More Than Themselves

However, we must bear in mind that being a mother is one of the many roles that we must play in society. We are also daughters, women, professionals, wives and friends.

We cannot forget to also take care of ourselves. So, love your baby with all of your heart, but do not forget the following:

If you do not love yourself enough, you will not be able to fully love others, not even your own children


This is a key word. The relationship between mother and child should be built on a healthy base. It is selfish to believe that our children “belong” to us.

This only leads some mothers to become bitter and sad. Children are independent individuals, not extensions or objects.

Autonomy and freedom

Most mothers want their children to become autonomous. They want their children to grow up to be independent men and women.

This can only be accomplished if the mother provides love that does not suppress; she should provide love that allows her children to fully develop their own personality without judgements.

Be an example of love

Children like to repeat and reproduce their parents’ behavior. We are their first and main role models.

Therefore, a successful mother who radiates confidence, healthy self-esteem and love for herself, will be the best reflection of the love she wants to see in her children in the future.

Mothers Love Their Children More Than Themselves

Healthy and happy mom

Loving your child with your whole being doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice or abandon yourself.

On the contrary, the healthy harmony between your needs and those of your child are important. The harmony prevents the demanding role of being a mother from becoming too overwhelming and stressful.


The love you have for your child and the love that your child has for you must be supported by respect.

Teach your child about what it means to love with responsibility and respect for others. Teach them about limits and about authority figures (parents) that should always be respected.


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