9 Must-Haves for Your Baby's Bedroom

9 Must-Haves for Your Baby's Bedroom

Last update: 27 May, 2018

When it comes to decorating a baby’s bedroom, there are certain essentials that can keep the baby comfortable and the parents happy.

Don’t forget that, apart from the womb, this is the very first space your child will get to know. This is reason enough to pay attention to the details that will make your baby’s bedroom more inviting.

For a baby’s bedroom, safety and comfort should go hand in hand. Keep in mind that this room isn’t just for your child. You’ll also spend a lot of time here.

There is no need to fill your baby’s bedroom with clutter, but it’s useful to have certain essentials on hand.

The must-haves for your baby’s bedroom

A Moses basket

This is the very first bed for a newborn. Most parents don’t put their child to sleep in a crib immediately. A smaller Moses basket offers a sense of comfort and protection for the baby.

What’s more, parents can carry it from one place to another without waking the little one. A Moses basket should always have a firm mattress that covers the entire base of the basket. The sides should be lined with fabric to keep your baby comfortable.

9 Must-Haves for Your Baby's Bedroom

A baby crib

This is one of the most important items for your baby’s bedroom. The crib should have certain features for safety and comfort.

Today, some cribs on the market are designed to turn into beds once the child is older. This way, although the initial cost is high, you’ll save on a larger bed down the line.

One essential feature for all cribs is a firm mattress that fits the base. This should be solid enough to ensure that the baby always sleeps on a flat surface.

There should be no spaces between the crib frame and the mattress, as these could lead to injury.

A wardrobe or chest

Babies can amass a surprising amount of clothing for their small size. This means that using a wardrobe or chest to store your child’s clothes is a good way to keep their room tidy.

A closet or set of drawers should have dividers to sort clothing, towels, winter jackets, shoes and other everyday essentials.

Keep a space aside for toys, too. Even though your baby may not have many toys at this stage, they will multiply as time goes by.

A changing table

Think about how many diapers you’ll need to change, day after day. Having a special place set aside for the task can be a big help.

Some multi-purpose cribs come with an integrated changing table. Most changing tables on the market fit over the top of a chest where you can keep your baby’s clothes.

When you choose furniture, make sure that you’ll be able to change your little one standing up, without bending over. The changing routine can lead to backache if you have to do it in an uncomfortable position.

9 Must-Haves for Your Baby's Bedroom

A colorful mobile

Hang a mobile over your baby’s crib to capture their attention during the first few months of life. This isn’t just for decoration: a mobile also stimulates the senses. Choosing the right one for your baby’s room is very important.

When you search for a mobile, look out for bright colors and sounds or lights that you can turn on and off. The mobile shouldn’t be too long, as your baby will soon be big enough to reach out and touch it.

An armchair or rocker

Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your baby’s bedroom for feeds and diaper changes. With this in mind, a comfortable chair or rocker will be your friend.

If your baby falls asleep in your arms, the short walk from chair to crib makes it less likely that the child will wake up. Another advantage of having somewhere to sit in your baby’s bedroom is that you can use it for breastfeeding.

This way, you’ll get some one-on-one time with your baby without any distraction from other people around the house.

A nightlight

Apart from normal bedroom lighting, your child’s room should have a small lamp for use at night. Remember that newborn babies wake up multiple times at night to feed or simply because they’re uncomfortable.

Babies associate strong light with daytime, and dim lighting with nighttime. It will be difficult to get your child back to sleep at night if there is a bright light on in their room.

Look for a nightlight with a dimmer switch that you can adapt to the level of brightness necessary.

A sterilizer

Experts recommend sterilizing all bottles during the first few months of life. At this stage, your child’s immune system isn’t strong enough to combat common infections.

A good option is a device which uses steam to clean and sanitize the bottles. These common systems are essential for peace of mind.

Thermometer and medical kit

Your baby may come down with an illness at any time, so it’s best to be prepared. At a minimum, you should have a thermometer and a small medical kit.

This can also help with tasks such as caring for the umbilical cord over the first few days at home with your baby.


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