10 Names of Asturian Origin for Girls

Girls' names of Asturian origin are chosen because of their simplicity, beautiful meanings, and they're reminiscent of the past. If you're looking for a name for your baby girl, this list may inspire you!
10 Names of Asturian Origin for Girls

Last update: 03 April, 2019

The language of Asturias, of romantic origin and of great antiquity, isn’t spoken beyond the region’s borders. However, more and more parents are choosing names of Asturian origin for girls. They’re very nice, full of meaning, and easy to pronounce.

Examples of names of Asturian origin for girls

If you haven’t decided yet what your daughter’s name will be and you’ve already been confirmed that you’re having a girl, check out the following list. All the names are of Asturian origin and you can choose one even if your family has no relationship with this region:

1. April

It’s not originally from Asturias, but it’s used a lot in this region and throughout Spain (it’s one of the most popular ones chosen for girls). It comes from Latin and refers to the fourth month of the year, but it also brings to mind images of flowers, spring, rebirth, sunny days, freshness, joy, and nature. It isn’t necessary for your daughter to be born in April to choose this beautiful name for her.

2. Adelina

This is one of the most beautiful and sweet names of Asturian origin for girls. It means “the generous and noble” and is appropriate for women who are independent, integral, leaders, and very demanding. At the same time, Adelina is loyal, restless, and does everything she can to achieve her goals.

3. Agada

In Asturias, it’s also known as Agueda and means “good.” According to popular culture, this name belongs to affectionate, sensitive, emotional, calm, sweet, and imaginative women. Without a doubt, all this is what we want for a daughter, so Agada is a beautiful name.

10 Names of Asturian Origin for Girls

4. Aida

Although this name has Arabic origins and we relate it to Verdi’s opera, the truth is that it has been used in Asturian lands since time immemorial. It means “the one who returns.”

5. Anxelica

It’s the Asturian version of Angelica, a name that could be translated as “related to angels.” This name is just right for women who are perfectionists, thorough, intelligent, emotional, and also forward thinkers. Anexelica is a passionate name, and at the same time, tender and affectionate.

6. Arabela

This is another Asturian name for girls that’s been used a lot in recent years. I n Spanish, it’s Anabel.

It means “the perfect God has compassion” and that’s why it’s used for thoughtful women, willing to help and who can be trusted no matter what happens. Arabela is also for a girl that’s somewhat mysterious, very curious, and a little stubborn, who can become authoritarian and self-centered.

“Asturian names are very nice, sweet, and ideal for a little girl who will bring love to the family.”

7. Ayalga

Its translation is “hidden treasure” since it derives from the legends of the beautiful and young nymphs that were dedicated to hiding gold and jewels. Ayalga is perfect for a girl who loves animals and nature in general; a girl who will spend a lot of time outdoors surrounded by flowers and plants.

8. Llara

If you thought that all Asturian girl names started with an “A,” here we have a nice option that starts with “L.” Llara has become popular in recent times and it’s believed to derive form the word “llar,” which is used to identify the ancient cuisine of these lands in northern Spain. 

It’s an ideal name for an intelligent, strong, educated woman who does whatever it takes to defend her position on a particular issue. Additionally, this name reflects artistic qualities (especially in music).

As for her personality, she is a very sociable person who loves to talk; always well-mannered and puts a lot of passion in what she does. She values family and friendship very much and can dedicate herself to careers as diverse as medicine or interior design.

9. Nela

It can also be found as Manuela or Mela. The three names mean the same thing: “God is with us.”

10 Names of Asturian Origin for Girls

10. Nicolasa

The last of the Asturian names for girls is actually of Greek origin, but quite popular in the Principality. Its meaning is “to overcome the people.” Undoubtedly, it’s a name with a lot of personality.

Whichever name you choose for your girl, it’s very important that your decision takes into account your girl’s future and her relationships. Choose a beautiful name that your daughter can carry with total pride and confidence!

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