Prettiest Short Names for Girls in 2018

Prettiest Short Names for Girls in 2018

Last update: 02 May, 2022

In this article you’ll find a list of some of the most popular short names for girls in 2018.

Choosing a name for a future baby is a very special task for parents. The selection process can take a long time, as parents are faced with having to choose from an infinite number of possibilities.

The tendency to choose short names for girls is currently on the rise.

Short names have many advantages. They’re easy to combine with a second name or an extended surname. They also come loaded with strength and character.

Another advantage of short names for girls is they won’t be abbreviated or shortened into nicknames.

When names are very long, people tend to abbreviate them. This can turn a choice that took so much time and analysis into a 2-syllable version of the original, losing all of its harmony and strength.

Prettiest Short Names for Girls in 2018

The importance of choosing a good name

Some studies indicate that a person’s name can influence many important aspects of their life.

Man is proud to record his name somewhere, even if it is the bark of a tree.

-Alexandre Dumas-

The prettiest short names for girls and their meanings

When it comes to choosing a name for your little girl, classic names that hold beliefs, traditions and heritage will always be popular.

Yet every year, there are not-so-traditional names that also become trendy for various reasons.

Below you’ll find a list of 10 short names for girls that are popular in 2018, along with their respective meanings.

  • Elsa: Thanks to the success of the movie Frozen, this has become an incredibly popular name among Spanish- and English-speaking families. Of Hebrew origin, this name is a variation of Elisa. It means “loved by God” or “helped by God.” Girls named Elsa turn out to be very brave, dreamy and idealistic.
  • Laila: Of Greek origin emerges an abbreviation of Eulalia, and it means “well spoken.” Girls called Laila stand out for being very flirtatious, feminine, generous and loyal.
  • Alba: It means “aurora” or “from darkness to light.” The personality of girls who bear this name is often extroverted, smiley and friendly.
  • Mia: In 2006, this was the preferred name for German girls. It is derived from Mary, of Hebrew origin, and means “the beloved of God.” It projects an expressive, careful and persevering personality.
  • Sara: It has several meanings, including “princess.” Intelligence and passion will determine the personality of beauties called Sara. Maybe your princess is a woman who will do great things in the world.
  • Luna: This has been one of the short names for girls that celebrities have chosen. It means “woman who shines like the moon,” and the personality of a little one called Luna is usually challenging, risky and passionate.
Prettiest Short Names for Girls in 2018
  • Zoe: Of Greek origin, it means “woman full of life” or “woman full of energy.” This cute name is for girls who are sincere, impetuous, persevering and intelligent.
  • Chloe: Also of Greek origin, it means “woman of green color” or “woman of green grass.” This name is associated with a capacity for social relationships, lasting friendships and a calm personality.
  • Emma: This name is of English origin. Actresses like Emma Watson have popularized it. It means “woman full of energy.” A child called Emma will be full of personality, unstoppable spirit, harmony and happiness. She won’t be unnoticed anywhere she goes.
  • Gemma: Of Latin origin, it means “precious stone.” Girls with this name are characterized by being energetic and strong, as well as sensitive and sentimental.

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