Public Breastfeeding: The Best Places to Do It

July 30, 2019
If you struggle with public breastfeeding, this list of specific spots for feeding your baby when you're away from home might be a big help. 

Breastfeeding offers a variety of benefits for babies, who cannot wait to eat when they’re hungry. It’s often the case that this occasion occurs outside the comfort of your home. In these cases, there are some specific areas for public breastfeeding that you should always keep in mind.

In reality, there is nothing more natural than breastfeeding, even in the presence of others. This is despite the fact that it can cause some discomfort on a social level. This is in part because the mother’s body is designed to meet the baby’s vital and nutritional needs immediately.

Meanwhile, a mother breastfeeding her baby is a genuinely moving experience. Put simply, breastfeeding is a right. There is no reason to deprive a child of this, nor to make him or her wait simply because of a public context.

Despite these arguments, many mothers still feel embarrassed by the prospect of public breastfeeding. If this applies to you, you need to take into account the solution available to make this moment with your child more pleasant and discreet.

Public Breastfeeding: The Best Places to Do It

In this article, we’ll offer a look at some specific areas for breastfeeding in public spaces. Take note!

4 specific spots for public breastfeeding

1. Breastfeeding in a restaurant

One helpful spot you might want to consider when it comes to breastfeeding in public is a restaurant. Breastfeeding in restaurants offers a very practical benefit if the baby goes along with eating at the same time as his or her mother.

In this case, there is no need to find another suitable place to breastfeed, as most restaurants offer comfortable chairs. If you decide the situation offers the level of privacy you need, don’t hesitate to breastfeed your little one.

2. Public breastfeeding in the park

Public Breastfeeding: The Best Places to Do It

Secondly, consider the option of breastfeeding your child in the park. Keep in mind that, in this environment, people rarely stay still and thus won’t even notice you’re feeding your little one.

In fact, most mothers enjoy breastfeeding in these green spaces because it’s an opportunity to enjoy fresh air, be totally relaxed and make the most of this special moment with their baby.

“Breastfeeding is much more than food. It’s a form of physical and emotional closeness, providing contact in the face of loneliness, comfort in the face of sadness, a sense of security when out in the world, and an anaesthetic for pain.”

–Julio Basulto–

3. Shopping malls

Another good spot for public breastfeeding is malls. In fact, these shopping centers, as well as department stores and baby shops, usually provide mothers with calm and quiet rooms with comfortable chairs to breastfeed and equipment to change their babies.

4. Public transportation

Finally, public transportation is another good place to breastfeed your little one when you’re away from home. Whether you’re on the bus, the train, or a plane, the arrangement of the seats allows you to breastfeed without being visible to everyone.

Before we conclude, it should be kept in mind that breastfeeding your baby is one of the most natural and tender things you can do. Therefore, you should never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of it.

What is advisable is to make a list of the places around you that are best for public breastfeeding. With this collection, you can avoid having to find a last-minute solution when out of the house with your child.

Finally, don’t forget to seek out advice from other breastfeeding mothers in your circle of friends in order to find the best places to feed your child in public.

In any case, the ideas in this article can help you find the most comfortable spots for public breastfeeding and responding to your child’s needs whenever necessary.