15 Rock and Roll Names for Boys and Girls

Looking for options with essence and personality for your baby? Take note of the following rock and roll names for boys and girls.
15 Rock and Roll Names for Boys and Girls

Last update: 16 June, 2022

Rock and roll is more than music to some parents. In many cases, the genre created in the 1940s in the United States expresses the desire to live in freedom. A wish that will come true if you choose any of these rock and roll names for boys and girls.

Rock and roll names for boys

  • Chris: This is a hypocoristic of the Anglo-Saxon name Christopher, but in reality, it comes from Greek and alludes to ‘Christ-bearer’. Chris is the first name of the leader of the alternative rock band Coldplay.
  • David: David Bowie is one of the most iconic figures of all time. His name comes from Hebrew and alludes to the child who will be forever ‘loved’ or ‘wanted’.
  • Elvis: Without a doubt, this is one of the most iconic rock names there is, as it honors the king of rock, Elvis Presley. Although the origin of this option is unknown with certainty, J. M. Algaigés believes that it comes from the name Helois or Eloy, which refers to ’eminent sage’. But he doesn’t rule out the possibility that it comes from the Germanic Helewidis, which is ‘healthy, robust’.
  • Jimi: The famous Jimi Hendrix is considered by experts as the best electric guitarist in history. Jimi comes from the Hebrew James of Jacob, which means ‘God will reward’.
Children singing rock and roll.
If you’re thinking of a child who will follow in your footsteps in your love for this music genre, don’t miss these wonderful name options.

Some more options

  • Keith: This name isn’t a very popular name today. In fact, in 2020, it was the 595th most common name. However, it’s the name of the guitarist of the legendary band the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards. It comes from the Celtic coed, which means ‘forest, jungle’.
  • Mick: The leader of the Rolling Stones also carries a beautiful option. It’s the Anglo-Saxon variant of Michel, from the Hebrew Michael (‘no one is like God’).
  • Ozzy: this nick belongs to the Heavy Metal singer and composer John Michael Osbourne. It’s a hypocoristic of Oswald, composed of ‘os’, which comes from the Germanic god As, and weald, which means ‘government’.
  • Paul: The popularity of the traditional Hebrew ‘little boy’ resides in Paul McCartney, bassist of the most popular band in rock history, The Beatles.
  • Pete: From the Greek ‘petros’ (‘stone’), Pete Doherty is the founder of the band Babyshambles.

Rock and roll names for girls

  • Avril: Recognized as the princess of pop punk and with a long career (consolidated by collaborations with Marilyn Manson), Avril Lavigne carries a perfect name for any baby born in spring.
  • Deborah: The founder and vocalist of the seventies band Blondie has this name, which comes from the Hebrew ‘bee’.
  • Elizabeth: Elisabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins (baptized as ‘the voice of God’ by Prince) is one of the references of post-punk and one of the creators of the so-called dream-pop. It comes from the Hebrew ‘God has sworn’.
  • Janis: Rock star Janis Joplin carries a choice that comes from the Hebrew Joan, ‘God is merciful’.
  • Nina: The German singer Nina Hagen chose this nickname of Italian origin. In this country, it’s a very popular option, as it’s a diminutive of the Hebrew option Ana, mother of the Virgin Mary.
  • Tina: The name of Tina Turner, considered the queen of rock, comes from diminutives of different alternatives (Cristina, Valentina, Martina). So, if that’s your name, it’s a perfect choice for your daughter. She’ll always have a small part of your name with her.
A father playing the guitar for his unborn child.
If you and your partner are music lovers, get carried away by these options with perfect melodies.

Get inspired by music and choose one of the best rock and roll names for boys and girls!

When choosing a name for your baby, let yourself be carried away by the simplest things that are part of life as a couple or that are important to either of you. So, if you’re a fan of rock and roll and always feel that inexplicable urge to dance when you listen to their songs, don’t miss the opportunity.

We hope this list has helped you decide. If any of these suggestions captured your attention, let us know in the comments!

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