The Best Sports to Take Care of Children's Backs

Finding an appropriate sport for your child will depend on several factors. Today, we'll look at the best sports for taking care of children's backs.
The Best Sports to Take Care of Children's Backs

Last update: 30 July, 2021

Taking care of children’s backs is one of the greatest duties you have as a mom, as it stands out as a place with a high probability of injury. It may seem an exaggeration, but the structures in this area are more delicate than you think, especially in children.

Both muscles and bones are constantly developing, which increases their delicacy. This is something that your children tend to overlook very regularly and it’s normal, as they’re only children.

With that in mind, it’s advisable for parents to supervise their children constantly. In addition, they should motivate them and accompany them to do physical activity, exercise, and sports that are suitable for the protection of the body.

Taking care of children’s backs

In general, children lead active lives, which suggests a great deal of movement throughout the day, such as jumping, moving, crawling, bumping, and many similar movements. These movements can be executed incorrectly or with postures that are very demanding for the body in general.

A young girl sitting at a computer desk with back pain.
Although this symptom’s frequent, it’s usually benign.

Therefore, the back muscles and spine are exposed to any type of injury or motor problem. In addition to this, children have the habit of carrying their school backpacks inappropriately or with excessive weight. This not only causes the use of more strength than they have but also the appearance of incorrect postures in the back.

This series of factors often doesn’t end well. So, this is the time that you should act to take care of your children’s backs.

Sports to take care of the back

In this order of ideas, the practice of sports appears as an appropriate alternative to taking care of children’s backs. In fact, playing sports on a regular basis can also contribute to the child’s learning of different movements by improving their technique.

For this reason, some sports stand out as recommendations for your children to practice in a safe and entertaining way and with the benefits you’re looking for.

Swimming for children’s backs

Swimming’s one of the most complete sports that exists. Its regular practice contributes to the body in general and provides a series of physical and psychological benefits.

With respect to taking care of children’s backs, it’s possible to affirm that this sport’s the most appropriate recommendation. Its practice strengthens the different muscle groups, including the back muscles.

Being in constant movement in the water, the muscle groups of the back are gradually strengthened. This contributes to the protection of the spine, as well as the shoulders and hips.


Another of the problems linked to the health of the back is posture; if it’s in poor condition, back problems will soon arise. Children are no strangers to this problem and, therefore, you need to correct them as soon as possible.

If your children like dancing, you can look for a dance academy where they can learn and, at the same time, strengthen their bodies. Dancing on a regular and scheduled basis offers a number of physical benefits for children.

For example, a discipline such as ballet is likely to benefit the strengthening of back muscles. As a result, posture will be better and the likelihood of injury will decrease.

Yoga for children’s backs

The fact that we’re mentioning yoga may seem like a strange suggestion, as most people associate this discipline with adults. However, your children can practice this discipline with no problem.

There are different yoga programs focused on children, which are responsible for teaching them everything about the discipline and, of course, offer the most important benefits.

Within this discipline, breathing work stands out, as well as muscle strengthening. Of course, the back’s one of the main beneficiaries and, in this way, it’ll help protect little ones.

A toddler doing yoga.

Pilates for taking care of children’s backs

Stability, attention, and posture are the main premises of Pilates for children. This discipline offers a series of positive factors for those children who do it on a regular basis.

As a mom, we advise you to start a Pilates process with your children. That way, you’ll be able to take care of their backs and the rest of the body. In addition, it’s likely that their postural hygiene will increase to a great extent.

However, this discipline’s advisable from the age of eight or nine, at least with elementary exercises in the classroom. Always keep this aspect in mind.

To take care of children’s backs, consult a specialist

Sports recommendations can offer great help in protecting children’s backs. However, it’s advisable to make regular visits to a specialist. This professional’s responsible for evaluating your children and making a diagnosis of their back health. In addition, they can also give you some advice on how to improve care. Remember that physical and psychological well-being should be a joint effort with the doctor, your children, and you.

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