How to Get Your Child to Stop Crying Quickly

Crying is the only way babies have to express themselves. As parents, we need to try to figure out why our little ones are crying and do what we can to soothe them. Affection, nursing and going for a walk are some of the best medicine for a crying baby.
How to Get Your Child to Stop Crying Quickly

Last update: 14 September, 2018

There is no magic solution to get your baby to stop crying. But there are different parent and pediatrician-approved methods, techniques and habits that you can try for yourself.

The arrival of a new addition to the family brings great joy. When you hear your little one crying, it’s normal to want to pick her up and comfort her right away. However, you might hear comments like “let her cry” from friends and family.

Remember that your child depends on you completely to meet her needs. When your child cries, she’s letting you know she needs you.

Reasons your baby may be crying

As parents, especially first-time parents, we face a great task: Learning to interpret our child’s signals. There are many reasons your child may be crying:

  • Hunger: This is the most common motive, and perhaps the easiest to solve – just allow your little one to nurse, or prepare a bottle.
  • Gas: The gases in your baby’s stomach may cause him or her to cry frequently.
  • Dirty diaper: Discomfort caused by a wet or soiled diaper may upset your baby, and his tears are a way of getting your attention.
  • Tiredness: Sometimes babies have a hard time falling asleep even though they’re tired. As a result, they become irritated.
  • Desire to be held: It’s normal – and healthy – for babies to seek attention and physical contact, and cry in order to get it.
  • Temperature changes: Your baby will express her discomfort with these changes by crying.
  • Teething: If your child’s teeth are coming in, then the pressure and cutting of the gums produces pain. And, of course, this results in tears.
  • Health: If your baby doesn’t feel well, it may be the result of a fever caused by a viral or bacterial infection. If that’s the case, then crying might be different than usual, so you’ll need to know how to recognize it when it happens.
How to Get Your Child to Stop Crying Quickly

What to do if your baby is crying

The list above details the most common causes behind a baby’s tears. However, keep in mind that sometimes babies cry for no apparent reason.

Just the same, a mother can learn to calm her child down. Most of the time, all you need to do is obey your maternal instinct.

Here’s a list of some basic tips that every mother should know to calm her crying baby:

  • Rocking: Without a doubt, there’s nowhere your baby would rather be than in your arms. Just feeling your touch and smelling your skin gives your baby a sense of security.
  • Go for a walk or a ride: Whether it’s around your house or around the block, the sense of movement and the visual experience will soothe your baby. Sometimes your baby needs a bit more entertainment, so you could try going for a drive. Be careful however – while this is a very effective method, it can also become a bad habit.
  • Massage: Your loving hands and a bit of moisturizing cream are the perfect antidote for your baby’s crying.
  • A change of arms: Believe it or not, your baby also likes to experiment. While your arms will always be his favorites, it’s normal for babies to want to try new experiences. Spending some time in someone else’s arms might just do the trick.
  • Your heartbeat: To help your child stop crying, lay her down on your chest and lie back so she can sense your heartbeat. This position will allow your baby to feel your warmth and protection. What’s more, it will remind her of being in your womb, which will soothe her.
  • Nursing: Breastfeeding is a fail-proof natural resource. By nursing your baby, he’ll feel a total attachment with you and enjoy seeing you close up. While you gaze into one another’s eyes, your relationship will deepen.
How to Get Your Child to Stop Crying Quickly

Further advice for calming a crying baby

As a mother who’s getting to know her child more and more every day, you’ll always have an ace up your sleeve.

Perhaps your baby is crying and you can’t figure our why, and you’ve already tried the previous suggestions.

Why don’t you take your baby on an outing and share some time together

Tell your baby everything you’re doing. Show your little one something new and interesting. It may be a painting, a flower, or whatever lies on the other side of the window.

You can also try taking your baby’s diaper off for a few minutes. 

This will give your little one a feeling of freedom and allow him to experience a new sensation. It might be just what your baby needs to calm down.

“There is no magic solution to get your baby to stop crying. But there are different parent and pediatrician-approved methods, techniques and habits that you can try for yourself”

Finally, if your baby isn’t hungry or tired or sick, then he might just be bored or need a break.

Even at this tender, early age, your baby is experiencing a process in which he needs to experience new things .

Therefore, these simple tips will help you calm your baby down easily and naturally. Remember, the best remedy you can offer your child is always a mother’s love .

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