8 Great Toys for Newborns

The best toys for newborns are the ones where they start interacting with their environment. They also teach them about shapes and textures. Of course, they need to be safe and harmless.
8 Great Toys for Newborns
María José Roldán

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Last update: 30 September, 2022

The best toys for newborns are age appropriate and grab their attention. It’s logical that family and friends want to give newborns the best possible gifts. In this article, we’ll show you some great options.

To choose the best toys for newborns, you need to take some things into consideration. For example, you need to know what babies perceive and want in their first few months.

First of all, newborns still don’t have control over their fine motor skillsThis means they can only pick up big things with their whole hand.

On the other hand, functional toys for newborns should have contrasting colors and sounds. For example, they could rattle or have pleasant melodies.

Characteristics of toys for newborns

How do newborns perceive the world? Although they learn through their senses, what they see around them is still unclear. Therefore, they might only be attracted to objects less than two feet away.

Babies will notice toys better if they have bright and contrasting colors. Also, babies love soft sounds and light, pretty music.

Great toys for newborns

1. Sensory toys

They’re called “sensory toys” because newborns can experience all five senses with them. In general, they shake or make sounds when you touch them.

This helps babies become familiar with cause and effect relationshipsThey also learn that they’re capable of making objects move in the environment.

8 Toys for Newborns

2. Cradle mobiles

This is an essential classic for newborn cribs. These pendants have different shapes and colors that will keep babies entertained

Experts say that babies tend to look more to the right. Therefore, it’s a good idea to place mobiles on that side.

It’s important to make sure it’s securely installed. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the box step by step.

3. Stuffed animals

While it’s not necessary to fill the baby’s room with hundreds of stuffed animals, having a few is good.

Some stuffed animals come with built-in sounds and lights. You can turn these on at different times of the day, even at bedtime.

“Newborns still don’t have control over their fine motor skills. This means they can only pick up big things with their whole hand.”

4. Teething rings

Although newborns might be too young for teething rings, they’ll quickly be useful and entertaining. Teething rings are useful when they show their first few teeth between four and six months.

On the market, there are many kinds of teething toys. The silicon ones are the most basic. In other cases, they’re part of a larger toy.

5. Play mat

After three months, these play mats or “baby gyms” can be lots of fun for newborns. They’re rubber mats with lots of bright colors. There are also lots of hanging toys.

The idea is for babies to grab the bars and explore the toys. In addition, they can develop muscles all over their bodies. They’re recommended for babies ages three months and older.

6. Soft mirrors

These mirrors aren’t breakable. On the contrary, they’re soft and plastic so they’re safe for newborns.

Before three months, they’re fascinated to see an image in the reflection. Later, they’ll realize it’s themselves. It’s common to see babies smile with a soft mirror in their hands.

7. Rattles

These are toys that every newborn should have. Rattles stimulate the cause-effect relationship, in addition to helping build their motor skills. The soft tinkling of the toys, colors and different textures will make all newborns happy.

8 Toys for Newborns

8. Soft books

They can be made of cloth or plastic. These toys for newborns introduce them to the world of reading in their first few months of life. One possible activity is to sit with your baby and look at the pictures in the book.

In short, for newborns, the world is an immense place to discover. Toys that emphasize the senses safely are the best options for newborns.

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