8 Tips for Going to Visit a Newborn at the Hospital

After 9 months of waiting, it's normal for friends and family to want to meet your baby. But what should they know before visiting your newborn at the hospital?
8 Tips for Going to Visit a Newborn at the Hospital

Last update: 28 December, 2018

When you go to visit a newborn at the hospital, it’s good to take some guidelines into account. This way, you won’t disturb the parents’ process of adaptation or the baby’s tranquility.

Undoubtedly, the birth of a baby brings joy to family and friends. However, excessive visits can end up causing the new parents to experience fatigue and stress.

Below, we’ll offer you some helpful tips when it comes to going to visit a newborn at the hospital.

8 Essential tips for going to visit a newborn at the hospital

After a relative or friend has given birth, it’s normal for you to want to meet the baby. But we all know that parents need time to adapt to the new situation.

Therefore, you should be cautious when making your visit. For example, avoid misplaced comments and unsolicited advice.

1. Consult the parents before visiting

Don’t come by surprise. Let them know about your visit in advance to avoid arriving at a bad time. Also, you should check beforehand that you can go to the hospital in the first place.

Some parents choose not to receive visitors until they’re back home. In this case, respect the parents’ decision and wait for the opportune moment.

8 Tips for Going to Visit a Newborn at the Hospital

2. Appropriate timing of the visit

Avoid going to the hospital during the first 24 hours unless you’re a direct family member. During the first day, the mother needs to rest. In addition, it takes time and privacy for the newborn to get used to breastfeeding.

The proper visit shouldn’t last for more than 20 or 30 minutes. This is all the time necessary to meet the baby, give the respective congratulations and know everyone’s status. 

Also, it’s best not to visit a newborn at the hospital at night, since this is the time most parents try to establish rest routines. It’s best for this moment not to be interrupted by other people.

3. Be careful with smells

An often overlooked detail is smells. Note that both the mother and the newborn are very sensitive to odors the first days after birth. Therefore, when going to the hospital, be prudent and try not to use perfume or creams with strong fragrances.

4. Maintain hygiene and neatness

It’s vital to maintain hygiene when being close to the baby. Therefore, wash your hands before entering the baby’s room and try to avoid wearing the same clothes you wore to work that day.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t smoke near the room or before your visit to avoid the smell of tobacco. Finally, if you have a cold or other contagious condition, postpone your visit until you’re well.

5. Try not to have too many people in the room

There shouldn’t be more than 6 or 8 people in the room. In fact, it’s better to wait and enter in groups of 2 or 3 people. This way, extreme noises that overwhelm both the mother and baby are avoided.

6. Don’t insist on holding the baby if the mother doesn’t allow it

The most important thing for the little one is to be with his or her mother, and not to be passed around all the time. If the baby is calm with the parents, asleep or eating, don’t insist on holding him or her.

Separating the mother and child, even for a few minutes, interferes with the process of effective breastfeeding.

8 Tips for Going to Visit a Newborn at the Hospital

7. Don’t forget older siblings

If the new member of the family has older siblings who are present, don’t leave them out. Pay attention to them too. Also, if parents need help with their care, you can offer to have them stay with you until everyone returns home.

8. Be careful with gifts

Another tip before going to visit a newborn at the hospital is to ask a relative about the best gift for both the parents and the baby. Sometimes, an accessory such as clothes, toys or a bottle is the best option.

Keep in mind that maybe the mother is thinking about recovering her figure, and the last thing she wants to eat is chocolate or sweets.

First of all, know that the new parents will be delighted to share this wonderful experience with you, but at the same time they may feel tired and want privacy. Let them take it easy!

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