Water Toys for Your Baby's Bath Time

Bath time can be the most fun part of the day. You can use water toys so that your baby will love bath time while also creating good hygiene habits.
Water Toys for Your Baby's Bath Time

Last update: 29 March, 2019

Bath time can be lots of fun, especially thanks to water toys. With them, babies can associate bath time with fun and entertainment.

Bath time is an important part of children’s daily routines, and can help them pick up healthy habits from an early age. For parents, it’s also an intimate and quiet moment where you can bond with your baby in an emotional way.

In general, newborn babies find the bathtub very relaxing. In the bath, they discover new feelings and sensations.

As the months go by, babies start to become aware of things around them and see the world differently. Little by little, babies start holding objects in their hands, splashing water, and want to spend more time enjoying their baths.

When you notice that your baby can do all this, it’s the right time to start introducing water toys for your baby’s bath time. Not only are they fun, but you’ll also help increase your baby’s motor and visual abilities.

In addition, you need to take your child’s age into account. It’s important to look for the best and safest water toys for your child’s age.

Water toys for your baby’s bath time

The habit of taking baths can be a fun and stimulating activity in your house. In addition, parents should be present for this routine until their littles ones are at least 8 years old. You can use this time to share and have fun together.

In addition to taking care of your baby’s skin and avoiding illnesses, you can use bath time to help your baby relax. Water toys will help bath time be a time to have fun and feel good, instead of just being an obligation.

Water Toys for Your Baby's Bath Time

Babies under 3 months old will be attracted to any kind of object or toy, no matter what shape or if it makes a sound. The most convenient ones are those that float. For example, babies like floating rubber duckies, boats, rattles and balls.

The best way to play with them is by sinking them and waiting for them to come back up. Without a doubt, this activity will entertain your baby and turn your bathtub into a time full of joy and smiles.

In addition, you can use water toys like small lifesavers, rubber duckies, funnels, bowls and cups. These let babies play with the water, hold it with a container, and put things in it. As a result, they play and help clean up.

On the other hand, soap bubbles might be the most magical and fun things that babies see in the bathtub. Babies try to grab them and have lots of fun playing with them.

You can accompany this moment with cheerful songs that name aquatic animals and beaches, hand movements and splashing.

Using water toys for your baby’s bath time requires adult supervision. Being in the bathroom, surrounded by slippery and soapy substances, accidents can happen any time.

Having fun safely is the only option. You can make sure your baby stays safe by watching him carefully.

Safety in the bathroom with water toys

In the bathroom, it’s important to be aware of everything. Any detail or carelessness can end in an accident. Therefore, it’s always best to take as many preventative measures as possible.

“In general, newborn babies find the bathtub very relaxing. In the bath, they discover new feelings and sensations.”


This is the main risk for babies when they’re in the bathtub. Therefore, parents should pay close attention to their baby at all times.

Drowning can be silent. It happens when your baby goes underwater without splashing, so turning your back isn’t an option.

Security systems

Bath seats and similar objects aren’t very reliable without constant adult supervision. Anti-slip carpets are a good alternative for older children.

Water temperature

With your hand, elbow or a thermometer, you can check the water temperatureHowever, it shouldn’t be higher than 100ºF.

Keep everything at hand

To avoid turning your back on your baby, keep everything that you’re going to need on hand. When taking him out of the tub, it’s good to wrap him with a towel right away. That way, you’ll prevent him from getting sick.

In addition, you need to use hygiene products made specially for children. The best ones are those that are neutral or made of glycerin.

Water Toys for Your Baby's Bath Time

Cleaning the bathtub and water toys

We recommend thoroughly sanitizing the bathtub and water toys since they can grow fungi that will affect your baby.

Boiled water eliminates toxins that might hide in the bath tub and water toys. Keeping them dry prevents them from getting moldy. Therefore, you should dry them right away.

In conclusion, bath time can be the most fun part of the day, both for mothers and babies. This experience is full of emotions, sensations, and learning.

By taking precautions and using these special toys, you can create small moments of laughter and fun that are filled with bubbles. Use water toys for your baby’s bath and have fun together!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.