What A Baby's Room Should Be Like

What A Baby's Room Should Be Like

Last update: 26 May, 2018

What should a baby’s room look and feel like? This is a really important decision as the arrival of your child approaches. Read on to find out some hints and tips.

When a mother discovers that she is pregnant, her head is just bursting with ideas. One of these is how she’s going to get the whole house as ready as possible for her little one’s arrival.

If this is you then you’re probably wondering what your baby‘s room should look like, and how to decorate it.

With the suggestions that we’re going to give you below, you’ll be able to make that room the perfect place to welcome your baby. You’ll also be able to offer them the warmth and tranquility they deserve.

“Functional is better than beautiful, because what works well will last”

-Ray Eames-

What a baby’s room should be like

For a baby’s room to fulfill its function, we should locate it in a part of ​​the house that has good ventilation, natural light and that isn’t too cold or too hot. We should also have it near the parents’ room.

You’ll want to choose a room that tries to fulfill these requirements. The reason is that your baby won’t only grow and spend the first few months of its life there, but it will also learn to walk and play there.

baby's room

The lighting

If possible, a baby’s room should have natural light to make it warmer and more welcoming. You should choose curtains that have light tones and that aren’t too heavy, ones that let the light in.

If you can’t avoid having artificial light, you should choose warm light bulbs. Avoid fluorescent or halogen ones.

The walls in a baby’s room

Before we start talking about decorating the room with furniture and other items, we’ll have to choose what color we want to paint it. Another option is, of course, whether we’re going to decorate the walls or not.

The main colors in a baby’s room should always be warm or pastel colors. Popular colors are classic pink and blue, beige or light green.

You can wait until the child is older before you decorate the walls with drawings, letters or figures. That’s when he’ll be starting to develop his creativity, perhaps after two years or so.

It’s also very important to choose a good paint that is non-toxic and washable.

The floor

A baby’s room won’t only be for the first few months of their life, but also for their later stages of growth and development.

Because of that, we’ll need to look for a floor we can clean easily, one that is durable, and also resistant to blows. The child will be crawling and throwing things around on it within no time.

We should avoid carpets or rugs that can’t be washed periodically. In this way we’ll avoid exposing the child to infections.

Girl playing in room

A baby’s room with simple furniture

It’s true that everybody has different tastes, but it’s also true that there is no need to fill the room with copious pieces of furniture. The room should be practical, cozy and simple, without much furniture or other objects.

At the beginning it will probably be enough just with a crib, a changing table and a dresser or drawers for their clothes. As they grow older they’ll need more space for their table, their toys, their whiteboard and their learning games.

The new furniture’s material is also something that parents need to decide on, but it will always be advisable to avoid furniture with varnishes or dyes that could be toxic for the baby.

It is very practical to choose multifunctional furniture, as it will be a good way to save space and money over time. For example, you can use a changer with storage space in it, or choose a crib that can easily be converted into a bed.

The fabrics

If possible, the rugs and quilts should be made of natural fibers such as cotton, that can be easily washed, and that bring light and warmth to the room and also avoid possible allergies for the child.

The baby’s room should always bring them a feeling of peace and serenity, and that’s why heavy fabrics or an exaggerated decoration should be avoided.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler”

–Albert Einstein–

As Albert Einstein states above, opting for simplicity is always a good choice, and it avoids unnecessary expenses, and saves money for future items that are essential for your baby’s life.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.