Teach Your Child to Use the Bathroom in Just 3 Days

Do you want to teach your child to use the bathroom in just three days? Then follow these steps that will lead to success easily. Keep reading!
Teach Your Child to Use the Bathroom in Just 3 Days

Last update: 02 August, 2022

Teaching your child to use the bathroom in just 3 days seems impossible, but it isn’t. The long-awaited moment to leave diapers behind has arrived, but there’s nothing to fear. This process doesn’t have to become a complex and endless struggle.

Quickly removing diapers so that our children can go to the bathroom isn’t an impossible dream, but a reality that requires good technique. Of course, we may perceive a few logical “resistances” on this short, fast and effective path.

You’re already warned: If your child pees very occasionally, it shouldn’t alarm you. In addition, your little one will need your constant support to overcome this stage that’s not easy for them. And, fundamentally, your child will first need a series of complementary “skills” to be able to say goodbye to diapers and use the bathroom

Pulling on and off pants, flushing, washing hands, and drying them should be incorporated into your child’s daily routine early on. Make sure you don’t waste time during your child’s development to instill these skills that will guarantee success in potty training.

Get rid of diapers and use the bathroom, day by day

Do you feel that your child is physically and mentally prepared to face this moment? How can you accompany them to achieve this goal without perishing in the attempt? Pay attention to the details that we’ll give you below. We’ll share the day-to-day steps of this process with which babies can go to the bathroom in 3 days.

The first day of learning to use the bathroom

As soon as your child wakes up, explain their entry into a new stage and its implications. Tell them that they’ll no longer be wearing a diaper, but will be naked from the waist down. Therefore, to relieve themself without dirtying the house, they’ll have to use the potty.

Stay attentive to their activity all day and ask them to notify you whenever they feel like peeing or pooping. You can even show them how the members of the household take care of their physiological needs in the bathroom.

Avoid being exasperated in case the plan fails and celebrate every little advance of your little one. It’s not a bad resource to appeal to salty snacks or snacks with high water content. These will force all members of the household to attend the bathroom often.

A little girl sitting naked on a potty.

It’s essential that little ones see when you go to the bathroom so they’ll become familiar with all the “ritual” that getting rid of diapers involves.

When they manage to put at least a few drops of pee in the potty, congratulate them and do a “potty dance.” Of course, it’s a major achievement, as according to experts, after going to the potty eleven times, the child will begin to use it alone.

When it’s time to go for a nap or at night, tell your baby that it’s time to go to the bathroom. Never do this in the form of a question, as this question always tends to receive negative answers from kids.

The end of this first hard day has come. You can take two roads for the night. One alternative is to put on the diaper just before they fall asleep. Or, if you think they’ll stay dry during those hours, let them sleep naked.

The second day of learning to use the bathroom

In this case, the action plan will be the same as the one carried out during the previous day. Now, it’s possible to go out for a walk this second day, of course, after the child urinates in their potty. The walk should preferably be in the afternoon and it shouldn’t last for more than an hour.

This way, your little one will associate this going out for a walk as a direct effect of going to the bathroom. In the same way, it’s good training for your little one so that they know that before leaving home, they must use the bathroom.

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Don’t forget that, during this family outing, it’s best for your child not to wear diapers. It’s essential that you know that it’s possible to get home without having to regret an accident.

Specialists recommend not going far from home or using the car. Also, it’s essential that you be cautious in this mission. It’s a good idea to take the potty with you and even a change of clothes in case you’re not lucky on the first attempt.

The third and last day!

Just continue the program on the second day. On this last day of the challenge, it’s possible to go for a walk for one hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. Remind them to go to the bathroom before going out and dress them in loose pants with nothing underneath. Also, don’t forget to bring essential supplies for emergencies.

Remember at all times that patience and respect are the keys to success in reaching your goal. Only then will you achieve results without hurting, embarrassing, frustrating, or exhausting the child.

Remember not to lose your cool and keep trying. Perhaps it’s more practical to implement the plan over a weekend so you can focus all your energies on this mission. Don’t be afraid and don’t give up; determination is everything in this little battle that will allow your child to use the bathroom in just 3 days.

Although, obviously, after these first three days without a diaper, your little one will still need time to adapt and master this new skill.

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