You Are the Perfect Mother for Your Baby

You Are the Perfect Mother for Your Baby

Last update: 16 November, 2017

You are the perfect mother for your baby, without a shadow of a doubt. You and your baby are united for a thousand wonderful reasons.

Although few people in the world can probably explain these reasons, often linked to intangible things, there are truths that come to the fore. One of them is that the soul of your child chose your belly to grow in, among millions of cradles.

Your baby does not need explanations. He is absolutely sure you are the most perfect mom he can find in the world and, even with all your faults, you are good for him. He will learn from you everything he needs in order to develop and evolve as a human being.

If you doubt the perfection of your relationship, then think a little about this: no other mother in the world will know your baby better than you. No one will understand him as you do. He will trust you unconditionally, so please trust in your own instincts too. You are the one who knows how to comfort him, how to love him and how to make him happy.

you're the perfect mother for your baby

You are the perfect mother for your baby

Yes, it is true that you will feel fear, anguish, and doubt, and that you may fail many times. It is also likely that, for example, on occasion you will have done “everything” to calm the crying of your baby without managing to console him. But really, those incidents do not affect your perfection at all.

However, it is precisely in those moments when you must be especially careful to keep calm and pay attention to your conscience and act accordingly. Trust yourself! Your baby knows you will do anything to protect him. You will find a way. After all, moms always know how to solve all problems, even if the solution is to ask for help or shed some tears.

Both of you have been together for nine months. Your baby is the flesh of your flesh and was born of the union between two beings who love each other. And in fact, in some Hindu cultures, to say that you and your baby have been together for only 9 months is a naive belief.

Perfect mother

being the perfect mother for your baby

Some Vedic texts express that we do not choose our children, but they choose us. According to this belief, all human beings choose their mother, their father, their brothers, the place where they are born and who their friends will be.

All choices correspond to the fact that we have to learn lessons from all the people around us and that our life circumstance is determined by karma or our actions.

Now, in this tangible world and apart from Vedic theories, you know with all your consciousness that you and your baby are united in an endearing and instinctive way. He, coming out of the womb, recognizes your voice, the sounds of your stomach, your smell, your look… He feels safe with you and you both experience happiness in a true relationship of love.

Don’t those qualities make you perfect?

Even so, it is very possible that you feel you have thousands of defects. Honestly, all of us are full of defects, we are human! Don’t forget that everything in you, good or bad, black or white, makes you unique. They make you who you are.

They are all those little details that make you perfect for the soul that chose you. Your perfection is not a rigid pose and neither is it a goal. All your virtues and defects define your perfection. Your baby wants you just as you are.

You will have time to convince yourself that your little angel contemplates all your perfection. You’ll see the way in which he follows your example and gives you compliments. Be as you are, because to him you are the most beautiful mom in the world, the best. You know why? Because you are his.

How can you not believe it? You have given him all the care that makes him feel good. You have protected him and will continue to do so for the rest of your days. You love him as nobody in the world could, and your love is reciprocated in the most sincere way. Love is there, just like your qualities. Cultivate them and they will give you fruit for your entire life.


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