11 Things to Do with Your Daughter Throughout Her Life

11 Things to Do with Your Daughter Throughout Her Life

Last update: 21 November, 2017

Here are eleven things we recommend doing with your daughter throughout her life so that you two can stay close and be able to look back on these good times in the future.

The bond between mothers and daughters is such a beautiful thing. In addition to being her mom, you can also become your daughter’s friend, confidant, and accomplice. The fact that you can provide company like none other is fantastic and well worth all your effort and energy.

The task of raising a child is rewarding and full of blunders. Children grow up and are going to make their own lives and start their own families.

What can make you more proud than knowing that, no matter what, there will always be that permanent link between you two. Knowing for certain that your daughter is a strong, happy, energetic, loving and valuable woman thanks to what you have taught her.

So that you are never too far apart and you always have each other…

11 Things to Do with Your Daughter Throughout Her Life


They say that people in good marriages have a lot of conversation. This same idea can be applied to the mother-daughter relationship. Always talk, and about everything. Stay up to date on her life.

Starting when your daughter is small, show her genuine concern and an interest for her hobbies and interests, and have her participate in your life as well.

Rather than being two strangers living under one roof, you will be sharing companionship and advice. It is nice to see a mother and daughter talking like best friends.

Also, both of you know that your conversations never have ulterior motives. You two are always genuine with each other and speak from the heart.

spending quality time with your daughter

Swap Clothing

Share clothes with your daughter. Save your timeless clothing items that you know she’ll want to wear some day. Exchange styles and talk about fashion trends.

Try to dress like each other some time or another, either with similar textures, shapes or colors of clothes.

Go Shopping Together

Who is a better companion for those long shopping trips than your daughter? You can enjoy the time together and exchange style advice.

Share a Hobby

Follow the same soccer or football team, or the sport they play. Watch movies, go to concerts, see plays, and eat ice cream. Share a hobby and devote at least one day each month to pursuing that hobby. Throughout your lives it will be an activity that will keep you together and from which you can create beautiful memories.

Cook Together

Make dinner together from time to time and surprise the rest of the family. Teach her your best recipes and experiment together in the kitchen, making desserts and great dishes. The result will surprise you both.

mom kissing her daughter

Spa Day

Whether at home or in a beauty parlor, share a time that is just for you. Teach your daughter to take care of herself and enjoy spending time on herself without feeling guilty. Give her the gift of a spa day complete with masks, manicures, hair dos and makeup. It will be a day to encourage self-love.

Participate in Social Causes

Invite your daughter to participate in social causes. Belonging to a group or social organization, volunteering, or helping and contributing to others on your own is a great lesson and example that you will give your daughter. You can both continue to do this throughout your life.

Empathy and solidarity are learned through these activities, and are very valuable.

Vacation Together

Once a year, take a little vacation together. It could be a weekend at the beach or in the mountains. This will be something belonging only to mother and daughter, and that later, you can include your granddaughters and continue the tradition.

Make Birthdays Special

Don’t let birthdays be like any other day. Make it a tradition with your daughter to celebrate birthdays with some special surprise. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just make it clear you put thought into celebrating. A simple phone call could make a big difference.

Doctor Visits

Life is not all fun and games. There are bad times that we would rather avoid, but we can’t. Show your daughter that the family is united in both good times and bad.

Go in with her for her doctor’s visits while she is a child and be available if she still wants you to come as an adult. She can also come with you to your medical appointments.

Dance and Sing Together

Dancing and singing creates a wonderful feeling of freedom, so imagine how it will feel to do this with your daughter. Do this as a nod to the friendship that you will cultivate throughout your lives.

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