7 Benefits of Walking Barefoot for Children

7 Benefits of Walking Barefoot for Children

Last update: 20 September, 2017

Walking barefoot feels goodThat is why children love doing it so much.

When they start to stand and take their first steps their little feet are better suited to being in direct contact with the floor. This allows them to become accustomed to the weight of their body and balance easier. Some studies even show that children who walk barefoot develop more intellectually.

A child that walks around barefoot can feel more stability and firmness while walking. Walking on different surfaces, for example on recently cut grass or dry leaves, can produce a relaxing feeling.

Walking around barefoot also allows them to be in closer contact with their environment. At the same time, these experiences contribute to your child perceiving the world and their own body in a special way.

Children doing yoga

Walking barefoot helps them form their foot arches

Walking barefoot also has physical benefits, helping form the arches of the foot. In fact, specialists recommend children to walk barefoot for the ball and heel of their feet.

It is also recommended that children walk barefoot in different places such as the beach, grass and even in the pool. These surfaces give diverse sensations that nourish your child’s inner world.

Walking without shoes on also has other benefits: It prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungus that lead to bad smelly feet. This happens because the feet now have a chance to breathe and ventilate.

If you are worried that your child might catch a cold, a little cut or hit their foot, try to lose a bit of that fear. Carefully check the safety measures of the area that the child will be in. Do this in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Also keep in mind that the possibility that an accident might happen or not should not prevent your child from living the experiences that they get from walking barefoot. There is no need to be negative especially if you are carefully watching over them.

Child barefoot on grass

Wearing shoes should not be disregarded entirely, however…

In the same way you take safety precautions for your child to walk around barefoot, you should also have them when they wear shoes. Wearing shoes from a very early age can cause foot malformations. When they are still very young it is best to use only non-slip socks since the socks molds to the form of the feet and not vice versa.

Ideally, you should choose shoes that are adequate for your child. Keeping in mind that they don’t have to wear shoes on all occasions, such as when your child is going for a ride in the car. When children do not have the right footwear it can cause them to stumble. Their toes can also be affected depending on the kind of footwear.

The shoe size you pick should be adequate for their feet. Not too big nor too small. it is also important that the shoes are not synthetic because this increases sweat which can lead to possible complications.

Shoes that are made out of leather are recommended because they let feet breathe. Leather also molds to the form of their feet. It is very comfortable in comparison to plastic.

Your child should try on shoes before they are bought. If possible, ask them for their opinion. If they haven’t learned how to speak yet, take into account their facial expressions when they try on the shoes. A mom can almost always tell their child’s expressions especially when it comes to their benefit.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.