Why Aunts Are So Important in Their Nieces and Nephews' Lives

Why Aunts Are So Important in Their Nieces and Nephews' Lives

Last update: 01 April, 2018

Who says that grandparents and parents are the only important figures in a child’s life? Aunts also play a very important role in the upbringing of their nieces and nephews.

Children have their parents to raise them and teach them values, but aunts practically take on the role of second mothers. They’re always there when their nephews and nieces need them.

The relationship between children and their aunts is truly a close one. When mom is tired, an aunt is always ready to jump in and spend time with her little loved one.

Why are aunts so important in children’s upbringing and lives?

There are many reasons why aunts are so important in children’s lives and upbringing. But today we’ll name just a few:

Why Are Aunts So Important in The Upbringing of Their Nieces and Nephews?

1. Aunts also know how to teach. They too are part of a child’s education, teaching letters, colors and many other things.

2. They love to spoil their nieces and nephews. Whether it be the first, second or third niece or nephew, aunts will always be eager to give some extra attention. Aunts love to spoil and always have some surprise up their sleeves.

3. Aunts are wonderful confidants. When children are older, they’re sometimes afraid to talk about certain things with their parents. They’ll often turn to an aunt, and she’ll always have good advice to offer.

4. Aunts are like psychologistsThey always know when their nieces and nephews are sad, annoyed and not feeling well. An aunt listens and offers a shoulder to cry on until they feel better.

5. Aunts help teach their nieces and nephews values. When parents don’t have a lot of time, aunts are always there to help teach their little loved ones the difference between right and wrong.

7. When corrections come from an aunt, they always go down smoother. Sometimes aunts have to do the job of correcting misbehavior. However, when it comes from their aunt, it’s usually much gentler. A child’s aunt is always there to subtly guide him.

8. Aunts always have time to help out with homework. If a child needs help learning some new concept or studying for a test, you can be sure that his aunt will never say no.

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The best thing about being an aunt

Being an aunt is also a blessing! You get the joy of having these little ones in your life who fill your days with innocence and laughter.

Having nieces and nephews is priceless. What could be better than being an aunt?

1. You always get to do the fun stuff with them. Children are always fun to be around, and as aunts, we always have the opportunity to carry out the funnest activities with our nieces and nephews.

2. The birth of the baby. It’s a feeling like no other – experiencing the birth of a niece or nephew is simply magical. The moment you meet them, you already want to spoil them.

3. You’ll always have someone to hug. We always want to give our nieces and nephews hugs. They’re so sweet and irresistible.

4. A unique and special kind of love. Watching your nieces and nephews grow up and knowing that you gave them all your love (and snuck them plenty of candy) is priceless.

5. Our nieces and nephews help us step out of our daily routine and forget about our stress. When we get home from work or are dealing with some issue, playing with our nieces and nephews will instantly calm us down.

6. We already mentioned candy, but without a doubt, aunts are specialists in giving out secret sweets to their nieces and nephews. There’s no denying it.

7. Aunts also get to enjoy their birthday parties. When our nieces and nephews celebrate their birthdays or some other special occasion, we get to join in the fun. We eat cake and other yummy treats and also help keep a watchful eye on the little ones.

8. You’ll always have an excuse to buy presents. When you see a fun toy, a stuffed animal or some other item you know your niece or nephew will enjoy, you’ll have no trouble finding a good excuse to surprise them with a gift.

9. Your nieces and nephews will know they can always count on you. No matter what difficulty they may be experiencing, you’ll be there. Their trust in you is fundamental.

10. We sleep better after having played with our nieces and nephews. After a day full of fun, games and adventures, you’ll definitely get a good night’s rest.

Why Are Aunts So Important in The Upbringing of Their Nieces and Nephews?

As aunts, we have a very important role to fulfill

Aunts are truly important in children‘s lives. 

Spending time with nieces and nephews not only helps maintain family unity, but also creates a special bond between the children and their aunt.

This special relationship will have a positive effect on their upbringing.

Take advantage and enjoy every moment you get to spend with your nieces and nephews.


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