6 Tips for Organizing Bedrooms with 3 Siblings

Bedrooms with 3 siblings are usually always messy. With good furniture, free space and using some of our tips, this can change very quickly.
6 Tips for Organizing Bedrooms with 3 Siblings

Last update: 05 March, 2019

To organize bedrooms with 3 siblings, it takes a lot of ingenuity, patience, and tons of good ideas to meet the trio’s needs. Here are some suggestions for this challenging mission.

It’s well-known that children love to mess up their bedrooms, often leaving toys, books, clothes and whatever else on the floor. Pranks and adventures are the order of the day, both in their room and all over the house.

Therefore, keeping the children’s bedroom organized can be difficult. Don’t panic! We’ll give you some tips that will help if you have this issue.

How to organize bedrooms with 3 siblings

First of all, you have to think clearly. For that, you need to stay calm, so try to put your worries and problems aside when working on this task.

It’s very useful to take note of all your children’s tastes and preferences. We also recommend frequently asking their opinion, since they’re the ones that will be living in the space. In addition, they’ll feel involved when they see that you respect their ideas.

Also, it’s important to know the critical parts of the room. In other words, figure out which areas are the messiest and most disorganized. These would be the places where the kids spend most of their time, which is why you should plan them well.

It’s not easy to organize shared bedroomsTo build a nice space where everyone feels happy and comfortable is very hard. However, if you have enthusiasm and energy, you’ll be sure to get great results.

The important thing is that everyone has their own private space where they can have their belongings and feel comfortable.

Tips for organizing bedrooms with 3 siblings

If you want to achieve a great space for your 3 children, don’t skip the following recommendations to organize bedrooms with 3 siblings. Without a doubt, they’ll be helpful.

1. Furniture

You must choose furniture that’s spacious, colorful, low to the ground to prevent accidents, and that your children like. We recommend organizing the furniture along with your children. That way, they’ll know where everything is when it comes time to use it.

On the other hand, trunks are very practical for storing things. To make them the most useful, it’s best to put them in a corner. Then, not only can kids quickly find their toys, but they also learn to respect and share their things.

6 Tips for Organizing Bedrooms with 3 Siblings

2. Space for every activity

The goal is to create areas to play and areas to studyWith a large desk, they can easily do all of their homework and assignments.

Toys should be on the other side to avoid distractions while doing school work.

Also, shelves hanging on the walls are great for storing books, notebooks and other school items. They save space and look great.

In addition, a chalkboard would be a great piece for this space. It serves as a separator between zones and helps with educational activities.

Finally, it’s a good idea to create a schedule for the study spaceespecially if your children are in different grades.

3. The beds

Bunk beds are one of the most common options to take advantage of the space.

This type of bed comes in different models that you can adjust without any problems. Triple bunk beds would be the best because there’s a bed for each child.

“The goal is to create areas to play and areas to study. Toys should be on the other side of the room from the desk to avoid distractions while doing school work.”

4. Electronic items

The area for electronics, like the TV, game system, and music player, should have as little furniture as possible. Kids generally get excited about technology, and they get a little out of control. In all the excitement, they mess up the room in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, the further away they are from toys and books, the better. They can be near the beds, as long as the kids have room to move around.

The TV and video game console should be in an entertainment center. They have compartments to store the different accessories they need.

Meanwhile, the furniture for the music player should be compact and stowed away in a corner. This way, kids can dance quietly without hurting themselves or breaking anything.

If there’s a computer, it should be located near the study area. It’s important to dedicate an appropriate table or study desk for it.

5. The walls

To decorate the walls, you can use decals or posters the kids like. You should ask the children what color they want, although it’s best to paint them with a light pastel color to make the room feel bright.

It’s important that the space has good lighting and natural ventilation. Bedrooms with several inhabitants tend to get hot quickly.

6 Tips for Organizing Bedrooms with 3 Siblings

6. Flooring

Having carpets or rugs has its advantages. Children can play on them and also read, watch TV or just chat. Besides, it prevents them from slipping and falling.

The best option is to choose a large rug with one color or with patterns. Of course, it’s important to keep it clean and vacuum it often to prevent allergies and other diseases.

In conclusion, creativity, patience and lots of ideas are the perfect ingredients to organize bedrooms with 3 siblings. It’s a space where happiness and playfulness meet. Therefore, it must have a little bit of each child’s personality.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.