It's Bedtime! 5 Tips to Help Your Children Sleep Better

It's Bedtime! 5 Tips to Help Your Children Sleep Better

Last update: 04 December, 2017

In order for your children to be able to sleep better, at You Are Mom, we want to offer you some bedtime tips that you will want to remember.

Remember that a well rested baby means: a happy baby and a rested mother.

5 Tips to Help Your Children Sleep Better

Mom, if you want your kids to sleep better:

  • Make their environment comfortable
  • Give them a feeling of safety
  • Raise them with attachment
  • Meet their basic needs
  • Teach them to follow a routine

In this article, we will explain each one of these points more in depth.

Make their environment comfortable

In order for your baby to sleep better you need to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere.

The crib where they sleep must be comfortable and warm. It should not be overloaded with stuffed animals or pillows which the infant could get underneath.

The room, if not completely dark, because the baby does not feel comfortable, should be somewhat dark so that too much light does not disturb them.

If we want them to fall asleep and not wake up scared, we have to find a place that is quiet where background noise is not too loud.

Also avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose which can become tangled when they are in the crib.

Give them a feeling of safety

bedtime tips for babies

Safety is not just about protecting children, but raising them in environments that are not dangerous.

It is about ensuring their physical well-being, especially when they are completely unaware of dangers.

Your child’s cradle must be safe, with high railings which they cannot climb once they begin to move around more.

If the sides of the cradle are closed with latches, make sure your child could never open them.

Your little baby should not leave your sight for too long. You never know when they might need you.

If you live somewhere where there are a lot of mosquitoesyou should put the child in a crib with mosquito nets in order to avoid harmful and sometimes lethal (as many diseases transmitted by mosquitoes can be) insect bites.

And very importantly, mothers of young children should follow a doctor’s recommendations for the positions your baby should sleep in (on their side or facing up) to avoid sudden infant death syndrome and other risks your baby is exposed to at this stage.

Raise them with attachment

Parenting with attachment means raising our children with love and dedication…

Quite unlike what some believe, we don’t want to make them dependent on us, but rather to become children who are confident in themselves, their qualities, and their skills, and who have admirable emotional intelligence.

Attachment parenting means raising confident human beings who can become fully independent when the time comes.

This parenting method also gives us the opportunity to enjoy as much time as we can with our children and to be present for their development and growth which so often slips through parents’ fingers.

father sleeping with newborn son

A child who gets plenty of kisses, hugs, and love at bedtime…

A child who we sing and read stories to or who we tell the same fantastic stories that their grandparents told us during our childhood, will happily go to sleep.

They won’t complain about ghosts in the bathroom or the bogey man in the closet.

You will not have to leave the door open so that they will hear and see the noise and light from outside, they will not wet their beds or climb into your bed in the morning.

If your child gets all the affection that you can give them and knows that you will always be there if they need you, they will be able to go to sleep feeling confident and carefree.

Meet their basic needs

To say that a child who goes to bed dirty, with an empty tummy, or a wet diaper or underwear, will not be able to sleep well or at all is an understatement.

For your children to sleep better you must meet their basic needs at all times.

Teach them to follow a bedtime routine

Bedtime routines tell the child that it is bedtime, and they help them to want to go to bed.

If at bedtime you are not forcing them to go to bed, to wash their hands and go potty quickly so that they can have a bottle, and instead you read them a story from a book, your children will love this time of day.

The next day, when it is time to go to bed, they may even ask you to put their pajamas on and to get in bed and relax with the same book again.

Children’s bedtime routines are a way of inviting them to rest without words.

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