The Best Haircuts for Boys

The Best Haircuts for Boys

Last update: 26 June, 2018

There are many types of haircuts for boys. To choose what style is right for your son, you have to take into account his hair type and, of course, his personality.

Just like adults, when children reach a certain age, they become more concerned about their physical appearance. 

Receiving complements and positive remarks from friends and relatives builds up their self-esteem and self-image.

Of course, appearance isn’t everything. One’s clothing, hair style or physical features should never be the center of his life. But at the same time, a good haircut can be a great source of inspiration to help your little one learn about personal hygiene.

A child’s outer appearance is a fundamental factor in the development of his personalityIt’s our responsibility to teach our children to care for their physical appearance, while at the same time avoiding superficialities.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the best haircuts for boys. The information you gain here today will help you better assess certain factors when it comes to helping your child define his own style.

It’s important to assure your children that no one is perfect. But if there’s something we like about ourselves, we should make it stand out.

Haircuts for boys, allies of a healthy self-esteem

The Best Haircuts for Boys

Haircuts and styles play an important role in the development of a child’s personality.

When a child feels good about his appearance, and is pleased and comfortable with one’s self, this boosts self confidence. A child that feels sure of himself will, in most cases, become a successful adult.

We’ve selected a series of styles and cuts that will delight your little ones. Some are more modern and others are more classic. However, the most important thing of all is that your child be the one who chooses.

1. The surfer look for boys

Surfer style haircuts involve longer bangs that fall to one side. This look is a great option for boys with straight hair that’s not too short. You can also leave some messy longer locks that hang over your boy’s neck.

This style is popular with children of all ages, but it’s a particular hit with teenage boys. It makes them feel older, which is something very important during this stage. And it also makes them feel admired.

There should be a sign on every child that reads: Handle with care; contains dreams.

–Mirko Badiale–

2. Hairstyles for little rebels

If your child is a rebel without a cause with a good heart, then he needs a haircut that suits his personality. In general, a “rebel look” involves a casual, informal haircut with uneven locks.

Many children who prefer a more rebellious style enjoy being able to spike their hair or form little mohawks. 

These modern hairstyles allow your child’s imagination to take flight, making him feel free and self-sufficient. Some styles, with the help of gel or spray, will motivate your child to do his own hair.

3. Classic styles for boys

Perhaps your child is looking for something less modern or flashy. Many children feel more confident with a classic hairstyle. They appreciate a neat, tidy and formal appearance.

Maybe your boy is more on the quiet side and doesn’t like to draw a lot of attention to himself. If so, a classic cut is a great solution that will keep him looking great without feeling too risky.

These hairstyle options are very comfortable and are just the right length to make maintenance easy.

The Best Haircuts for Boys

4. Haircuts for boys with very curly hair

If you have a boy with very curly hair and you want to show off those locks, then you’ll love this look. All you have to do is let your little one’s hair grow out and trim the ends every once in a while.

In order to keep his hair healthy, he should use conditioner or styling cream each time he washes his hair.

The only problem you might run into with this style is that it can be very hot in the winter months. Even though it looks great on your little guy, it’s also important to remember that sometimes comfort has to come first.

5. Hairstyles for boys with very extreme hair

Any child can buzz cut his hair, but this is an especially popular option for boys with extremely curly hair. Sometimes caring for those tiny ringlets can be very tiring, bringing many boys and their parents to opt for a buzz.

This style is very cool, and keeps your child from getting too hot. It also frees your child from hours and trying to untangle his curls. Your son will surely appreciate the fact that this cut only takes seconds to achieve. In an instant, he has a new, easy, and rebellious hairstyle.

Even when your child chooses a hairstyle that you don’t like, it’s always important to listen and take his tastes into consideration. Explain your reasons for preferring another option in a calm and respectful manner.

Be assertive and patient, but also remember that if you force your child to take on a style he’s not comfortable with, it will only make him unhappy.

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