The Best Jokes for Young Children

The Best Jokes for Young Children

Last update: 14 May, 2018

In this article you’ll find a list of some of the best jokes for young children.

One of the most wonderful things in life is to hear a child laugh. A good sense of humor must be part of young children’s lives and jokes help them build theirs.

When should you tell kids jokes? There isn’t one specific time. It could be on a child’s birthday or when your child has their best friend over for lunch.

You could tell them at a family gathering or when you just want to fill the dinner table with laughter.

What makes a good joke for kids?

When you’re looking for jokes that are appropriate for children, keep in mind that the best jokes are the shortest ones.

They should also include situations that are both funny but that children can understand, and be easy to memorize. Some jokes also have educational aspects that may be interesting for children.

The Best Jokes for Young Children

Many of these jokes for kids can also make us adults laugh. In some cases, because of their innocence; and in others, because they reflect real situations that we can all relate to.

Some jokes have absurd stories that are twisted, far-fetched or nearly unbelievable. Most are funny because they’re so simple.

Remember that the best jokes for children must use language that is suitable for them, with a simple sense of humor, and be short and easy to remember.

Here are some examples of quick jokes:

  • Hey Dad, what does it feel like to have such a handsome son?
  • I don’t know Son, maybe you should ask your grandfather.

In class, the teacher says: Alright children, if I have 6 apples in one hand and four in the other, what do I have? Johnny answers: Some big hands, Miss.

There once was a man so small that he could sit on a coin on the ground and his feet couldn’t reach the ground.

Two mosquitoes were riding a motorcycle and one of them wouldn’t settle down the whole time. The other one asked him:

  • What’s wrong with you?
  • Nothing, I think I just ate a fly.

Learning the alphabet in class. The teacher asks:

  • Alright children, what is “O”?

Everyone answers:

  • A vowel.

Then she asks:

  • And “P”?

Johnny answers:

  • A letter that we shouldn’t repeat, Miss.

What is an astronaut’s favorite candy bar?

  • A Mars Bar.

Hey mom, at school they keep saying that I’m too “distracted.”

  • Johnny, this is the second time this has happened. You live in the house next door!

What do you call a smelly fish?

  • A stink ray.

More jokes for schoolchildren…

Johnny comes home and tells his mother:

  • Mom, I have good news and bad news.
  • Okay, give me the good news first.
  • I got a ten in math!
  • And what’s the bad news?
  • That I’m lying and I have detention again.

How do you know if a broom is tired all day?

  • If it’s always sweeping.

Why isn’t Spongebob’s back green?

  • Because if he had a green back, his name would be Scotch Brite.

I’m tired of everyone always talking behind my back!

  • But you’re a taxi driver.
  • Oh, you’re right…

The teacher, in class:

  • Johnny, what is the last letter of the alphabet?
  • It’s “T”.
  • Really? You don’t think it’s “Z”?
  • No, Miss, otherwise it would be an “alphabez.”

There once was a man who was so unlucky, one day he was tired and he sat down on a haystack and he sat on the only needle that was in 100 pounds of straw.

The teacher was quizzing her students on spelling:

  • Children, how do you spell “dog”?
  • D-o-g
  • How do you spell “veterinarian”?

Johnny answered:

  • That’s easy, Miss: D-o-g-t-o-r.

The children are leaving class and talking to each other:

  • Hey, how did you do on the test?
  • I left it all blank.
  • What about you two?
  • We did too.
  • Oh no! The teacher is going to think I copied you!
The Best Jokes for Young Children

A phone call:

  • Hello?
  • Hello, do you wash clothes there?
  • No
  • Well that’s a little gross, don’t you think?

Kids’ Sense of Humor

It has been shown that children laugh up to ten times more than adults. Small children will laugh at anything.

Along with crying, laughter is one of the first ways that babies interact with the outside world.

Although small children will laugh at certain things from the moment they’re born, for example, when you tickle them or when you make a funny face, their sense of humor takes a little longer to appear.

Until they’re 6 months old, children can’t tell if something is funny or not.

At 1 year, they’re the ones who make others laugh. At 4 years old, they can understand verbal humor.

If your child is at this age, don’t miss the opportunity to make them laugh in a very simple way!

Life should be lived with love and with humor. Love helps us understand life, and humor helps us tolerate it.

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