5 Cervantes Phrases for Teenagers

5 Cervantes Phrases for Teenagers

Last update: 15 June, 2018

Cervantes has left behind a lot more than his work. In his writings we can find a number of Cervantes phrases that, despite their antiquity, remain as valid and relevant today as they did in the past.

Miguel de Cervantes is known as the greatest figure in Spanish literature. He is well known for his ingenious work: Hidalgo Don Quixote.

His work has put him on a pedestal which also means that he has become a reference when it comes to life lessons. These phrases for teenagers are undoubtedly a sign of his wisdom.

Don Quixote is known as one of the most translated and edited books in history. It is only surpassed by the Bible. This, in addition to the fact that it has become reading material in many schools around the world, clearly indicates its magnitude.

Cervantes, the book’s author, was a poet, playwright and a soldier. In his youth, he was exiled to Italy. He was also imprisoned for five years alongside his brother after being kidnapped by a Turkish flotilla.

After several escape attempts, they finally got their freedom in 1580 after paying a ransom of 500 escudos.

His life experience as well as his contacts with sixteenth century royalty made Cervantes a respected man. By no surprise his phrases are still remembered and valued today.

The best Cervantes phrases for teenagers

  1. “Love and desire are two different things. Not everything that is loved is desired, nor is everything that is desired loved.”

During teenage years there can be confusion between love and desire. Cervantes brings a measure of clarity to the matter.

This phrase can make teens reflect about what they actually feel towards another person. This is undoubtedly an important phrase since these years are so emotionally charged.

5 Cervantes Phrases for Teenagers
  1. “Among the greater sins that men commit, although some say that it is pride; I say that it is ungratefulness. Paying attention to what is usually said: hell is full of the ungrateful.”

Here the Spanish author highlights the virtue of being grateful. Throughout life’s journey, there will be many people who will lend you a hand. Never forget to be grateful.

When tomorrow arrives and your goals are fulfilled, you should look back and remember those who gave you boosts of encouragement. If you need to pay them back for their collaboration, do not hesitate for a minute.

  1. “Doing good never lacks in rewards.”

It is common to hear nowadays that bad people always get away with it or that honesty doesn’t matter. Cervantes, however, does not believe this to be true.

With his wise words, the poet makes it clear that sooner or later, everything in life comes back around. If you do good, you will be rewarded for your actions.

  1. “The path to virtue is very narrow while the path to vices is wide and spacious.”

This is yet another warning for teenagers. Young people may encounter many unhealthy distractions and temptations.

Therefore it’s important to know how to put temptations aside in order to follow the path to virtue. Although it may seem “boring” or “not worth it”, fulfilling obligations and being responsible will lead them towards a successful tomorrow.

  1. “The road of ‘I’ll get to it’ leads you to the house of ‘never'” 

Procrastination is an evil that is seen more and more in today’s society. There are distractions everywhere we look.

Postponing tasks does nothing more than go against our objectives. This goes for academics, work and everyday life. Social relationships and emotional decisions can also be affected negatively by procrastination.

  1. “There is no book that is so bad that it doesn’t have anything good”

Of course, as a lover of letters, Cervantes phrases for teenagers could not omit the importance of cultivating a love for reading.

Language has enormous capabilities but we use it less and less every day. In addition, books also provide great life lessons that need to be heard.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with their advice or not. As the author states, every book will leave you with an important conclusion of some kind.

5 Cervantes Phrases for Teenagers

More valuable quotes by Cervantes for teenagers

  •  “In misadventures, spirits are reconciled and friendships are strengthened.”
  • “The truth can be stretched but it never breaks, and it always emerges above lies as the oil that floats.”
  • “Time matures all things; no man is born wise.”
  • “What madness or nonsense leads me to count the faults of others, while having too much to say about mine?”
  • “There is no response or punishment against silence.”

From such an emblematic and capable figure as Miguel de Cervantes, we can only extract good life lessons. It is important to transmit these lessons to our teenagers.

Have conversations with them and above all encourage them to apply their knowledge. The fact that these phrases were written centuries ago doesn’t mean that they no longer apply to our society.

Encourage yourself, share these Cervantes phrases for teenagers and discuss them with your family. Everyone will be able to learn a lot in a very pleasant way.

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