5 Things That Happen When Your Kids Grow Up With Their Cousins

5 Things That Happen When Your Kids Grow Up With Their Cousins

Last update: 12 December, 2017

How do you feel when you see your children growing up with their cousins? Many mothers feel a great sense of satisfaction.

What they are doing is developing at the pace of the individuals who will become their best friends. And we are not just talking about childhood, but about life itself.

Is there a more beautiful childhood bond than that shared between cousins? Of course, nothing compares to that precious gift that is growing up with siblings. That is why parents experience this relationship with a hint of nostalgia if they are focusing on the past.

However, when you see that your children are growing up with their cousins, you will experience a mix of emotions and feelings. First of all, an inexplicable warmth. Secondly, peace of mind and a lot of pride. There is no companion like a cousin, that faithful friend with whom everything is shared, even blood.

Of course, the bond that a child shares with a sibling or a friend is also very valuable, but few have already mentioned the enormous importance of this type of bond between cousins. It also has a lot of benefits when it comes to the children’s learning and development.

That is why in this article of You Are Mom, we will tell you about the immense value that this deep and special friendship has for your children.

If your children are close to their cousins, when you finish reading this article, you will understand that you are on the right track. And you will be especially ready to foster and promote this beautiful connection so that it can last forever.

Cousins Are Important For Children

benefits for children who are close to their cousins

Without a doubt, cousins are an extremely important part of your children’s lives. This is true from when they are very young until they reach adulthood. Whether they share pranks, games, adventures, or secrets, they become a mirror in which to view each other. They become an obvious role model.

Naturally, a cousin means a lot in the lives of children. This is why these treasures in life make such a significant impact and leave an indelible mark on their hearts and souls. But what are some other points in favor of growing up with cousins? Take note of a few:

  • Linked by more than blood: Because cousins, in addition to being family members, are also friends. They can even become the most loyal and faithful friends, that your children will always want to keep close by for their unconditional love.
  • A lot to share: As we said, games, toys, jokes and secrets are the hallmarks of this childhood bond. This is this very thing that brings these young people together, so that cousins become those unforgettable and always endearing people.
  • So much to learn: There is really a lot to be learned from cousins. The knowledge of older children and, fundamentally, These little ones are able to teach your child to share, to be supportive, and to forgive like no one else could. On the other hand, they also initiate your children into the art of negotiations and the resolution of various conflicts. All of this happens from a very young age.                        
    benefits for children who are close to their cousins
  • Moments like no other: There is nothing like having a person in your family close by to share jokes and laughter with. They may be the only person who understands them, while others feel baffled when they hear your crazy childhood codes.
  • The most beautiful memories are a souvenir for a lifetime. Cousins have the immense power to fill our memory with the most heartwarming moments of childhood. They have the gift of settling into our memories and warming our hearts. This is how they are carried in our soul for life. And so these first best friends of childhood have the ability to remain forever in our thoughts.

Don’t hesitate to allow your child to get the most out of the unique experience of growing up surrounded by their cousins. Believe me, they will not have a closer and more trusted relationship in the world than this.

And, what difference does it make if every now and then they fight like the worst enemies on earth, if after all is said and done, they still show the most genuine signs of love and affection?

The number of fights they have each day doesn’t matter, because the intensity of these transient quarrels is directly proportional to the bond that they have.

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