Children Who Talk Too Much in Class

If your children talk too much in class, you should know that it's possible to correct this behavior. In this article, we'll give you some tips to achieve it. Take note!
Children Who Talk Too Much in Class

Last update: 20 September, 2018

Children who talk too much in class may suffer from attention issues. This can start to negatively affect their grades in school. 

On the one hand, this behavior shows that children have lots of friendships and socialize well. On the other, during class isn’t a good time to be proving that.

These situations are especially difficult for parents. They aren’t in the classroom to regulate and control their children’s behavior.

The most important thing is to find a way to motivate your children. Help them understand how important it is to pay attention in school.

If you want your children to change their attitude, start with a conversation. Ask them why they’re so easily distracted. Also, try to motivate them to follow the teacher’s lessons and save their talking for recess.

Once you let them express how they feel without interrupting, encourage them to work on their behavior at school.

Find the reason

To correct certain attitudes, you need to find the source of the problem. Among other things, it could be due to:

  • Feeling it’s the only time he gets attention, either from the teacher or classmates.
  • Feeling bored with the material and needs something more challenging.
  • Has difficulties understanding the material at school.
  • He has a talkative friend next to him.
  • Needs frequent breaks to move around.
  • Has no interest in following the teacher‘s instructions.
  • The teacher doesn’t explain concepts in the proper way.
  • He’s new to school and is overwhelmed by being in a new situation.

Practice at home with your child

If you want your child to improve his behavior at school, it’s important to practice at home. In fact, you can start practicing habits at home to teach him to wait and listen. Therefore, he’ll have more chances to practice controlling his impulses.

Children Who Talk Too Much in Class

For example, stop your child from interrupting conversations. If your child is talking too much, remind him that it isn’t his turn to talk. In addition, you might need to tell him to calm down and control himself. Do this in a natural and respectful way, not as if you’re punishing him.

Also, you can play games that involve taking turns. For example, board games are a fun and ideal activity to learn how to take turns. If not, you can make your own speaking and listening games. You can take turns telling stories.

What to do with children who talk too much in class

If you notice that your child is distracted or has attention problems at school, it might be time to work on it at home. Here are some tips:

1. Keep a quiet environment at home

Our first tip is that you try not to yell at your child or lose your temper. Keeping a quiet environment at home will help minimize distractions.

2. Limit distractions at home

To help children not be distracted, we recommend limiting the amount of time they spend in front of the screenIt can interfere with their ability to concentrate.

Also, monitor the amount of time they spend with video games or electronic devices.  This will help them concentrate more in class.

If you want to change the attitude of children who talk to much in class, it’s best to have a conversation. Make sure it’s constructive, and with the point of knowing why they’re so easily distracted.

3. Vision and hearing problems

If your child starts having problems at school, take him to the doctor for a vision and hearing test. Sometimes the child’s attention problems may be due to problems hearing or seeing clearly.

4. Stay positive in front of your child

If possible, we recommend not arguing in front of your children. These fights have a large impact on them and make it difficult to focus in school.

Likewise, it’s important that you share positive moments and experiences with your child. This will prevent sources of anxiety and, therefore, distraction.

5. Spend time with your child

It’s necessary to spend time with your children every day and do activities together. For example, read a story, play a board game or paint. This will help them develop their interests and practice concentrating on one activity.

Children Who Talk Too Much in Class

6. Enforce rules at home

You need to impose rules at home so your child doesn’t have attention problems. Both the parents and the child need to respect these rules. Parents need to agree on rules that concern their child and support each other. Being on the same wavelength is crucial for kids that have trouble concentrating.

Finally, remember that it’s possible to change the behavior of children who talk too much in class. We recommend being patient and dedicating the necessary time so your child can pay more attention. You’ll surely get it!


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