7 Ways to Get Children to Eat Meat

If you're having trouble getting your children to eat meat, give the following tips a try.
7 Ways to Get Children to Eat Meat

Last update: 04 November, 2018

Are you struggling to get your children to eat meat? This happens sometimes and not only when it comes to meat. It can also occur with vegetables, chicken or fish.

The truth is that when a child doesn’t want to eat a certain type of food, it’s best to present the food in a more appealing way.

Some mothers may choose to force their children to eat meat. But beware, forcing a child to eat is a serious mistake. Obliging them will only increase their rejection.

Keep in mind that all types of meat can be important for a child’s development. Red meats have their own benefits and contribute a lot of iron which is important for the formation of red blood cells.

Other types of meat can also provide vitamins and minerals which are important for a child’s optimal development.

That’s why many doctors recommend including meat in children’s diets. That’s also why we decide to provide you with these creative ways to get your children to eat meat.

7 ideas to get your children to eat meat


Most children love hamburgers. You can try to take advantage of this dish to provide your children with the meat they need.

The best thing about hamburgers is that you can make them with chicken or red meat. Hamburgers are a practical way to get your children to eat meat with vegetables which are equally important for their development.

7 Ways to Get Children to Eat Meat

Play with their imagination

Another way to get your children to eat meat is by stimulating their imagination. For example, you can vary the preparation and types of cuts you use and tell them they’re eating, hippopotamus, rhinoceros or some exotic animal.

Surely this will stimulate your children’s imagination, causing them to be curious about discovering new tastes.

With spaghetti

Another great tactic is to prepare meals that aren’t very common. For example, you can prepare pasta with Bolognese sauce. This recipe will surely get your children excited about eating meat.

Pasta stuffed with meat

Pasta, cannelloni or potatoes stuffed with minced meat are all excellent ideas. They’re also quite simple to prepare.

These are all fun and attractive recipes for children. With a unique recipe you won’t only get your children to eat meat, you’ll also get them to ask for it.

“Some mothers may choose to force their children to eat meat. But beware, as this is a serious mistake. Obliging them to eat will only increase their rejection.”

With fun shapes

Fried meat balls, meat-filled rice balls or meatballs in pasta sauce are all great ideas. These recipes are fun and tasty. Choosing different ways to present meat to your children is a great way to get them to try it.

Cook with them

Most children love to cook. That’s why having them prepare food with you is a great way to get them excited about eating meat.

By involving them in the preparation of the meal, children will want to try their own food, and be proud of it too. But make sure to always take the necessary precautions when cooking with your children.

7 Ways to Get Children to Eat Meat

Be patient

If your children simply refuse to eat meat, don’t give up. Continue presenting it on their plates so they get used to the idea of having it there.

If you keep trying, one day they’ll leave their plate completely clean when you least expect it. The most important thing to do is use your imagination. Creativity will help you find the most appropriate way to get your children to eat meat.

You can also find a wide variety of recipes that will help you prepare eye-catching, appetizing dishes. This will make the task of getting your children to eat meat a little easier. Don’t worry, you’ll succeed!

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