Children's Intuition: How Can Parents Help It Develop

Children's intuition is very important. It can keep them out of danger, guide them in activities they enjoy, and help them develop their character through decision making. Parents play a vital role in developing children's intuition.
Children's Intuition: How Can Parents Help It Develop
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Written and verified by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 25 September, 2018

Children’s intuition is incredibly useful but parents often neglect to help them develop it. Children’s intuition needs to be honed through exercises, as well as the encouragement of adults. This way, the learning process will be much more effective.

Intuition can be defined as the ability to know something with a good deal of certainty without conscious reasoning. Some people say it’s when the heart knows something before the brain.

Providing space for your children will give them the chance to think and create in a stress-free environment, which in turn helps them develop their intuition.

How to Develop Children’s Intuition

The following tips will help you develop your children’s intuition:

Promote self-confidence

Parents will always be an example to their children. This is why it’s important to show high self-esteem and self-confidence in front of them.

Sort out their priorities

By observing your children while they’re freely interacting you’ll be able to identify the activities that they enjoy the most. Once you’ve worked out what they are, encourage them.

Encourage creativity

Creativity and intuition go hand in hand. Cultural activities like drawing, writing, and reading all boost creativity.

The conversations that they produce will help your children free their mind. This will expand their ability to think freely and they’ll be better able to interpret what their heart is telling them.

Provide the right environment

Children’s intuition develops easier in a harmonious environment free from stress. After all, intuition is based on listening to our internal voice.

A calm home with few distractions is the ideal place to think. It’s important to keep control of distractions like electronic devices so that your child spends time and energy on other creative activities. 

Children's Intuition: How Can Parents Help It Develop

Encourage play

Playing is really important during childhood. These days, conventional games have largely been replaced by electronic devices.

Children are often spending less time in the fresh air and are instead choosing to spend time on the computer, tablet, or smartphone.

However, play can give free reign to imagination, creativity, and ultimately help develop intuition. During play, children make value judgements. This helps develop their ability to resolve problems, helps their overall comprehension, and improves their intuition.

Be confident

If you want your child to have faith in themselves, you need to show that you have faith in them. You need to give them the opportunity to make decisions. This way they’ll generate confidence in their own intuition.

Factors that weaken children’s intuition

Being intuitive is great. However, once they’ve developed their intuition, they can lose it when they start developing an affinity for logic and reasoning.

Some common practices by parents can influence this loss of intuition. Here are the three most common:

An obligation to show affection

It’s quite common for some parents to oblige their kids to show affection towards someone they don’t know well or don’t want to.

Little children are often asked for hugs and kisses so they learn to be kind, or at least, that’s what their elders think.

But to learn how to be polite and kind, you don’t need to hug or kiss anybody. It’s better to let your children decide who they show affection towards.

Obliging them to behave one way or another towards someone just represses their instincts about the people around them. It’s far better to trust them and let them decide who they feel comfortable with and who they don’t.

Children's Intuition: How Can Parents Help It Develop

Always telling them they’re wrong

If you give them the impression that they’re never right, they’ll gradually weaken any intuition that they have. Parents should obviously guide their children, but it’s important to encourage them to be leaders and make decisions for themselves.

Not giving them enough free time

Children’s intuition will help keep them out of trouble and steer them towards the things they truly enjoy. You need to teach them responsibility and gradually increase this as they grow older.

It’s important to give children time to do what they want to do. If you’re constantly loading them with things to do, this will suppress their instincts and they’ll much more likely succumb to conventional social norms. Gradually, they’ll lose what intuition they have developed.


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