Why Children's Stuffed Animals Are Their Favorite Toys

Children's first friends are usually stuffed animals. They accompany kids, make them feel confident, and are at their side since birth.
Why Children's Stuffed Animals Are Their Favorite Toys

Last update: 29 March, 2019

Without a doubt, children’s stuffed animals are their favorite toys. Everyone remembers the one they took around with them as a child. It might have been a teddy bear, an elephant, or a movie character. Stuffed animals have been around forever.

In your dearest childhood memories, you probably remember your favorite little friend that you took everywhere. Everyone has had a “companion” that gave you security and comfort throughout childhood. In the vast majority of cases, they were usually stuffed animals.

These plush, soft and huggable toys make little ones feel safe and calm when they need it. At certain times, they play the role of Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.

Children’s stuffed animals: Best friends and companions

The truth is that children’s stuffed animals are their favorite toys, not only because of what they feel like, but because of what they represent to them. 

Their texture and physical characteristics create an emotional bond with children. Little ones often personify them and feel like their stuffed animals are their best friends.

From an early age, stuffed animals are part of kids’ daily lives. They’re often given as a gift from a relative or close family friend. Having stuffed animals in the crib or stroller will make babies feel calm during daily activities.

After eight months, children will choose which stuffed animals they like the most. Most likely, you’ll see children with them on walks, at daycare, the doctor’s office or family visits.

Children’s stuffed animals become their best friends. In fact, they’re the ones that make kids feel secure and confident when Mom and Dad aren’t around. This is especially true when Mom needs to go back to work.

Emotional benefits of children’s stuffed animals

One of the reasons that children’s stuffed animals are their favorite toys is that their pretty eyes, noses and smiles make them feel like there’s a person with them all the time.

Over time, toys become their adventure buddies, as well as their first friends. By seeing kids interact with them, you’ll notice that they’re developing their social skills.

In fact, this is because children give life to their beloved toys, and use them to express joy and love, as well as grief and frustration. Therefore, they’re perfect to teach children about rules and good behavior.

“The truth is that stuffed animals are children’s favorite toys, not only because of what they feel like, but because of what they represent to them.Their texture and physical characteristics create an emotional bond with children.”

Develop new skills

These toys can be the best allies for children to practice some of their skills, such as working on their routines. When it’s time to brush their teeth or get dressed, you can ask your child to show his stuffed animal how to do it.

In addition, preschoolers and elementary school kids love to role play, since they get to pretend they’re adults for a little while. 

These types of games are important for kids to develop in different areas. They also learn about the world around them through these activities.

Why Children's Stuffed Animals Are Their Favorite Toys

When should kids part with their favorite stuffed animals?

In general, children need an object of attachment between 8 months and 3 years of life. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll want to get rid of them when they’re out of this stage.

In addition, this bond is very important for children. Their stuffed animals will help them be more independent. Then, when they feel completely sure of themselves, they won’t need their toys anymore.

However, we don’t recommend making drastic decisions about when children are too old for their toys. Remember, it’s an object that provides emotional support. Over time, children will find the right time to leave them behind.

Don’t snatch it up or make your child feel bad for any reason by saying stuffed animals are for little kids. On the other hand, you need to accept that they’re important to your child and are a part of his personality. Then, you can help him find the best moment to say goodbye.

Remember, stuffed animals are children’s favorite toys and have a special place in their hearts. Let them enjoy them as much as possible, and take lots of pictures to remember the connection between your children and their furry friends.

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