8 Gift Ideas for a Child's First Communion

If you're planning on attending a child's first communion, you'll want to be sure to provide a special gift. Today, we'll offer 8 great gift ideas to help you out.
8 Gift Ideas for a Child's First Communion

Last update: 22 August, 2019

A child’s first communion is a special occasion that brings family members and close friends together. What’s more, it’s an event where you tend to see loved ones that you don’t often see, or meet new family members for the first time.

First communions usually come with a banquet or small party afterward. For many, this is an opportunity to dress their best and put on a gorgeous gala. And, of course, it’s also a day where gifts are of great importanceThat’s why we want to take a moment to offer some suggestions on what you can give as a first communion present.

What to choose as a gift for a child’s first communion?

At this point in life, boys and girls are usually going through a growth and development process called pre-adolescence. It’s a complicated  stage, since their tastes change constantly, and preteens are right in the midst of transitioning from childhood to adolescence.

Therefore, the best idea is to opt for gifts that are simple but useful and, above all, meaningful. That way, the child will remember you each time he or she uses it.

8 Gift Ideas for a Child's First Communion

1. A bracelet

An elegant beaded or chain bracelet with a name plate engraved with the child’s name and communion date is an excellent gift. You can even give the gift before the actual communion so that he or she can show it off at the event.

2. A personalized mug

This is a very appropriate gift idea. For example, many gift shops allow you to make mugs personalized with a photo of the child with his or her name and date of first communion.

That way, the child will think of you each time he or she has a hot drink. Imagine the child’s delight each time she drinks hot chocolate and sees her face right there!

3.  A personalized cooking set

Now that cooking is becoming more and more popular among kids, personalized cooking utensils and smocks are a big trend. The best gift you can give children who are interested in gastronomy is a chef’s hat and apron with his or her name embroidered on the front.

8 Gift Ideas for a Child's First Communion

4. A comforter or bedspread

Most preteens are eager to let go of their more “childish” bedroom decor, so this is a perfect opportunity to give them a new comforter or bedspread for the bed. Boys may enjoy a simple plaid or striped pattern, while girls may like something floral or glittery.

Or, they may want a theme bedspread related to some popular movie, TV series or sport. If you really look into the child’s personal tastes, your gift will be sure to please.

5. A personalized album

Another personalized gift that you can give for a child’s first communion is a personalized photo or keepsake album or box. You can even make one yourself, for example. That way, the child will have a place to store special photos and items from the event.

Gifts for the guests at a child’s first communion

Whether you’re a parent or a godparent, you may find yourself with the responsibility of providing souvenirs for the guests. It’s a way to thank them for the present and show them how much you care. Here are some ideas:

6.  A calendar

Surprise family members and friends with a gift that will last all year. For example, you can have a mini wallet calendar printed, with a picture of the special child on the back. You can also make a large refrigerator magnet that includes a calendar and photo. This is both memorable and practical .

8 Gift Ideas for a Child's First Communion

7. Keychains

This is a simple and practical gift that guests can carry in their pockets all the time. You can even personalize the keychains for each guest. For example, a baseball for a sports fanatic, a dog for an animal lover, or a stick of lipstick for someone who loves makeup.

8. Crystal glasses

For our final souvenir idea, we want to suggest crystal glasses. An elegant set of champagne glasses with the child’s name and date of first communion is a classy gift your guests will be sure to appreciate.

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