What to Do With Your Child's Old Clothes

There are several uses you can give to the clothing your child no longer uses. They range from making recycled clothes and toys to donating them to charity organizations. Some parents, however, prefer to hold on to these items as sweet mementos.
What to Do With Your Child's Old Clothes

Last update: 08 December, 2018

As children get older, they outgrow their clothing and no longer use it. This leads many parents to wonder what they should do with their child’s old clothes.

Your baby’s first clothing items tend to inspire smiles and reminiscent sighs of love. When parents look at their baby’s tiny newborn attire, they often get emotional.

In the following article, we’ll offer some ideas of what to do with your child’s old clothes, be it reusing them or getting rid of them altogether.

It can be hard to say goodbye to our child’s old clothes

In general, mothers and fathers have a hard time saying goodbye to their children’s clothing as time goes by. What’s more, many parents decide to keep their little one’s baby clothes in a box or in the back of a closet.

When parents have the opportunity to go through the clothing that once belonged to their baby, it can produce a sense of nostalgia.

As a result, they often put the clothing back in the same spot, rather than deciding to do something with it. In other words, baby clothing has great emotional value for parents.

Just the same, children grow up. And there may come a time when space is an issue as well. As a result, parents may decide to finally do something about the clothing their children no longer use.

Some ideas have to do with looking for a way to save and reuse the clothing for something special. However, some parents may decide to get rid of the clothing altogether.

What to do with the clothing your child no longer uses

Give the clothing to friends and family

Many times, family members or friends are expecting a child of their own. A good way to let go of your child’s old clothes is by giving them to these future parents. This is an excellent way to share the love you have for these special items.

What to Do With Your Child's Old Clothes

This is a great option for parents who don’t know what to do with the clothing their babies no longer use. If you don’t have friends and family that are expecting, there are plenty of organizations that can give it to someone who really needs it. 

Make clothing for your pets

Another alternative to repurposing the clothing your little one no longer uses is by using it to make clothing for your petsIf you have a small dog, then the clothing your baby no longer uses will be perfect for making little sweaters and capes to protect your pup from the cold.

Reuse clothing to make toys for your children

Given that baby clothing comes in a variety of textures, they provide the perfect fabrics for making didactic toys. Without a doubt, this is a great way to hold onto your little one’s clothing while also giving it a new use. 

Some ideas of toys you can make are dolls, stuffed animals, stuffed cubes, balls, puppets, cloth activity books, etc. Your child will be sure to enjoy whatever you make.

“Mothers and fathers have a hard time saying goodbye to their children’s clothing as time goes by. What’s more, many parents decide to keep their little one’s baby clothes in a box or in the back of a closet.”

Sell clothing that’s still in good shape

It’s common for parents to end up with a lot of clothing items that their child has only used once or twice. In fact, since newborns tend to get a lot of clothing as gifts, they often outgrow certain items before even getting the chance to use it. When that’s the case, selling it is a good option.

The idea is to sell the clothing items that no longer fit your baby but are still in great shape, at a discounted price. This way, you get rid of the items and also make back some money.

What to Do With Your Child's Old Clothes

Decorate your baby’s room

If you’ve got a knack for creativity, then use your imagination to your favor. Repurposing your child’s old clothes to decorate your little one’s room is an excellent idea. 

For example, you can create a mural or throw pillows using scraps from different times. You’ll save money on decoration costs and also add a nostalgic touch to your baby’s space.

In conclusion, any of the above options will be sure to inspire you to find a new use for your child’s old clothes. 

Giving those items to someone who needs them is a wonderful gesture. But if there are items you really want to hang on to, then giving them a new use is a great way to hold on to the memories.

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