Cousins of the Same Age: A Very Special Relationship

Having cousins of the same age can be wonderful for children and make family gatherings for the little ones all the more fun and special. 
Cousins of the Same Age: A Very Special Relationship

Last update: 26 November, 2018

It’s quite possible that your first family memories will involve cousins ​of the same age, who you’ve always had a special relationship with while growing up.

It’s true that during your childhood you usually won’t spend as much time with your cousins as with your siblings. However, whenever you do spend time with them, they bring so many special and positive benefits to your life.

Having cousins of the same age can be very special. Many of us will have had very close relationships with our cousins when we were young.

If you have cousins of the same age, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. They were probably your best friends in your family and the ones you played games with at all the big celebrations and family gatherings.

This relationship can be particularly special and important for an only child. Even though when you reach adulthood the relationship isn’t the same, you’ll always remember those summers you spent together, having fun and sharing unforgettable moments.

Cousins ​​of the same age

Cousins ​​are like siblings who we don’t live with. In fact, having cousins of the same age has all the benefits of having a sibling, with the only real difference being that you don’t have to live with them.

Far from being a negative thing, this can even be quite advantageous as it often lessens the chance of there being friction between the two.

Cousins of the Same Age: A Very Special Relationship

For some, cousins are the brothers or sisters that they always wanted to have, and the ones they tell their biggest secrets to first. All of this is an opportunity to develop their social skills, while also stimulating the development of their cognitive and motor skills.

When cousins ​​are of the same age, it means they have always a friend at all the big family events. This allows the kids to find great company and entertain themselves while the adults are talking.

Many cousins ​​of the same age share the family’s sense of humor and have been raised in a similar setting and with similar backgrounds. This means they feel at ease when they’re with each other, and are able to have a good time together enjoying the same jokes and each other’s company.

When they’re older, they’ll be able to laugh and joke about the peculiarities of each of their families. It’s good to know they’ll always have someone who they can trust and someone to turn to.

Cousins ​​are friends you can share important family celebrations with, such as weddings and new births. They have the same grandparents and this increases the bond as they spend time together with them.

“You don’t choose your family. They are a gift from God to you, as you are to them. “
–Desmond Tutu–

Benefits of having cousins of the same age

Here’s a summary of some of the many advantages of having cousins of the same age:

  • They feel more like a brother or a best friend than a cousin.
  • Family reunions are infinitely more fun when you have a cousin of the same age.
  • They choose when they want to spend time together. There is no obligation to do so, as there can be with siblings.
  • They create great memories at family gatherings, playing for hours while the adults talk.
Cousins of the Same Age: A Very Special Relationship
  • They share the same blood, and the bond is strong, almost unbreakable.
  • There is a special companionship, in the good times and the bad.
  • They’re a perfect combination of family and friends.
  • They develop good motor skills by playing together.
  • Cousins usually share the same sense of humor, often instilled into them by adults at family gatherings.
  • They form a close bond from a very young age.
  • Children often find their cousins of the same age to be great playmates, who they can have fun with and form a friendship with for life.
  • They know what it’s like to come from the same family and, because of this, can better understand the reactions and attitudes of other family members.

And so, in summary, let’s remember all the benefits of having cousins of the same age. If you’re one of the lucky ones, then try to enjoy this relationship to the fullest, as you can share so many unforgettable moments together.

In the same way, if your children have cousins ​​of the same age, then make sure they spend as much time as possible with them. It’s a relationship that must be fostered from childhood, as it plays such an important role in children’s lives, and is so valuable for their development.


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