Crafts Projects for Kids: a Helpful Guide

Sometimes, it's a lot more fun to make homemade toys instead of buying new ones for children. Read this article to learn some fun crafts projects to enjoy with your little ones.
Crafts Projects for Kids: a Helpful Guide

Last update: 23 December, 2018

Children’s toys are becoming more and more expensive. Moreover, kids constantly demand new forms of entertainment to replace the ones they already have. Thanks to these fun crafts projects for kids, you won’t have to warp your budget to make sure your little ones have a good time.

Television teaches children – and adults – that the hot new thing is always best. The new doll, the new car, the new book. And if we don’t keep up to date, then the fun will come to an end. Unfortunately, many parents encourage these attitudes.

If you don’t want your child to become spoiled, or if you simply can’t afford to, give the following crafts projects for kids a try. You’ll get to spend time with your children, and teach them the value of effort while you’re at it.

Five fun crafts projects for kids

1. A cardboard doll bed

If your children enjoy playing with dolls, they’ll jump at the chance to make them a small bed. To make one, all you need is a couple of medium-sized cardboard boxes, some strong glue, and – if you like – a couple of wooden planks to make the base.

Carefully cut the sides of the boxes to make the bed parts. Once you have the shape of the bed, then you can add a couple of blankets and a small pillow. Now the dolls have a place to sleep!

2. A family of kittens using paper towel rolls

Does you child like animals? With this crafts project, you can work together to make a charming family of kittens. All you need are some paper towel rolls, some colored poster board, glue, paint, cotton balls, and magic markers.

First, glue the cotton balls to the upper part of the paper towel rolls.

Crafts Projects for Kids: a Helpful Guide

While the glue is drying, you can then paint the rolls and decorate them however you like. Once the glue is dry, cut out some poster board ears. For the eyes, you can use ball pins (be careful to avoid pricking). Now you have a lovely family of kittens to play with!

“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.”

3. Animal masks

If your child is looking forward to Halloween or a costume party, he or she may want to be the most original. You don’t need to spend a fortune to cause a sensation.

A simple crafts project will work wonders. To make animal masks, you’ll need some cardboard, markers, glue, and glitter.

Draw the face of your child’s favorite animal or character on the cardboard. Color it in together, then make two eyeholes. Next, carefully cut out the mask and make a small hole on either side for attaching a rubber band.

4. Homemade foosball

This crafts project is perfect for young soccer fans. Get a cardboard box, some chopsticks, a couple of ping pong balls, glue, a mesh bag used for oranges, and some colorful clothespins.

First, make holes in the sides of the box and then stick the chopsticks through horizontally, with three clothespins attached to each.

Secondly, paint half the sticks one color and the other half another. Finally, decorate the box to your liking. Now simply add the ball and have fun!

Crafts Projects for Kids: a Helpful Guide

5. An owl-shaped bag

To make a bag in the shape of an owl, you’ll need colored felt, silicone, and scissors. First print the templates to make the bag, then cut them out, and stick them on the felt.

Then, attach the different parts of the owl, and use a piece of pink felt as a handle. Try to use more than one color, and make the colors contrast with each other. Your daughter will love her lovely new owl-shaped bag.

Crafts are a great way to teach kids how to make their own toys. This way, they can learn that fun doesn’t always have to carry a huge price tag. Our grandparents used to play this way, and they were tremendously happy.

Let’s learn from them, because these crafts projects for kids can also help us relax and take our minds off our everyday problems. Now go and start a fun crafts project with your kids!

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