5 Gift Ideas for Teenagers

If you're thinking about gift ideas for teenagers, consider these great options. They might not have asked for them, but they'll surely love them.
5 Gift Ideas for Teenagers
Marisol Rendón Manrique

Written and verified by preschool graduate Marisol Rendón Manrique.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Children experience numerous changes during adolescence, including changes in their likes and preferences. Many teens want the newest tech gadgets and accessories. That’s why it’s very normal for parents to ask for advice on gift ideas for teenagers.

The most important thing is to not indulge too much or get them everything they ask you for. Try to make sure that each gift has an educational function or stimulates their talents and hobbies. They might not see it that way, and that’s ok.

One of the main tasks during adolescence is to find your identity. That doesn’t necessarily mean knowing who you are, but to make it clear who you want to be.

The best gift ideas for teenagers

1. Artistic tools or sports gear

One of the biggest jobs parents have is to encourage their children’s hobbies and skillsIf your children play a sport or like art, give them the necessary materials.

5 Gift Ideas for Teenagers

2. A waterproof speaker

Usually, teenagers spend a lot of time in the shower or on outdoor walks. Something they’ll surely love is a waterproof speaker. They can connect their computer or phone to it.

You can find many different kinds on the market. Some stick to surfaces, are waterproof, and even connect with bluetooth.

3. A camera

A good way to stimulate your children’s creative talent is to let them try out photography. In addition to learning how to be artistic and crafty, they will keep themselves productive.

To compliment this activity, a camera is a great gift. You could get them a digital, film or instant camera.

4. A subscription to a music or movie platform

It’s a good idea for kids to access their favorite movies or music from any device. This gift gives both you and your child more responsibilities.

They need to promise that they won’t use these multimedia sources too much. It also shouldn’t get in the way of other important activities.

5. Signing up for a class they’re interested in

Encourage them to take advantage of their free time by practicing or learning something new. Extra classes will help them be more disciplined. Art classes, sport clubs or gym memberships are healthy activities for them.

However, you need to make sure to work out an agreement with your children. None of these activities should negatively interfere with school or home.

5 Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Recommendations for making gifts for teenagers

  • Before buying a gift that your kids ask for, let them express themselves and explain why they want it. This doesn’t mean that you should always say yes, but let them know you’re listening to them.
  • Avoid making them feel like they’re the center of the universe. When self-centeredness takes over a person, it causes lots of problems. Also be clear and show them that your job isn’t to give them whatever they want, whenever they want it. You are more than a provider.
  • Teach them to also think about others. Remind your children to be grateful and have good manners. Good values should teach them that other people’s needs are equally as important.
  • When you satisfy all desires, you run the risk of becoming dissatisfied and ungrateful. Teach them that when a person has to fight for something, he values it more.
  • Tell them about the excessive influence of the media. Society idolizes consumerism. A lot of this is due to influence from TV or the internet. Help them understand from a young age that not everything they see is true or healthy. Also, teach them that they don’t have to go against their values to be part of a group.

Make sure the gifts you give your teenagers satisfy a need or motivate them in a positive way.

Also keep in mind that you as a parent don’t need to fulfill all of your teens’ demands. Part of their discipline and character formation is giving them things to better themselves.

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