14 Greek Names for Girls

14 Greek Names for Girls

Last update: 29 August, 2018

Many Greek names have remained popular over centuries because of their beautiful sound,  etymology and meaning.

The Greek civilization has had an incredibly significant influence on humanity. With their philosophy and vast knowledge, they radically changed the lives of people around the world, even in other empires such as the Roman empire.

From there, they derived a complex language and names to not only identify individuals, but to immortalize them. That’s why to this day, you can still come across popular Greek names for both girls and boys.

The importance of knowing how to choose a name

Obviously, your daughter’s name must be very well thought out. Your decision will mark the rest of her life and will be the way she is identified.

There are many Greek names for girls to choose from. So take your time and learn about their meanings so that, over time, you can explain to your daughter what her name represents.

It will be important for you to look into the Greek culture a little bit, since you must understand the name’s origin and meaning. Choosing from Greek names for girls is not only a question of identity, but also of feeling.

The name and its meaning

When choosing one of the following Greek names for girls, take into account that its meaning goes back to this civilization’s history and mythology. Therefore, you’ll surely want to give importance to what it expresses, and allow your daughter to feel connected to the meaning itself in one way or another.

14 Greek Names for Girls

Some Greek names for girls have enjoyed great popularity because of their sound; others, on the other hand, prosper because of their connotation or meaning.

14 Greek names for girls

Here are some examples:

  • Adara. This name expresses beauty and describes the woman who owns it as beautiful and very sensitive.
  • Aileen. This name means “green meadow.” It is closely related to the mystical elements of nature, which represented divine elements for the Greeks.
  • Briseida. This name alludes to the mythical Trojan War. Briseida was a beautiful young servant of the gods.
  • Chloe. Meaning “fertile maiden,” this was one of the most honored names in ancient Greece.
  • Electra. It means “bright,” and the woman who possesses it shines with her own light.
  • Gemina. This name means “double” and refers to the sign of the Gemini horoscope, something very rooted in Greek civilization, even today.
  • Harmony. This name is self-explanatory and was a chosen name for girls who love music.
  • Iliana. It means “light” and refers to a happy and bright individual.
  • Karen. It refers to a woman who inspires purity, goodness and transparency in dealings.
  • Madelia. This name refers to a tall tower; possibly, it is related to all aspects of defense, such as the walls of a city.
  • Natasha. It alludes to rebirth, both of a new day and of a new being.
  • Selena. This name refers to the moon. It is related to the mystic and the mystery of the night.
  • Xanthia. Its meaning alludes to a woman with golden hair and describes her exotic beauty.
  • Yalena. This name refers to a woman with the power and ability to charm men.
14 Greek Names for Girls

Names and personality

Many of these Greek names for girls have a certain similarity in the pronunciation of common names in Spanish. And this is because many languages around the world derived from the Greek language.

The Greeks had dozens of gods and created that aura of divinity between the elements of nature and their imagination; gods were believed to have human feelings and characteristics. 

Your daughter’s personality may be influenced by what her name means, which is a major incentive to choose names of Greek origin.

It’s also a good idea to take into account any possible nicknames and diminutives, so that the sound of the name maintains its beauty and attractiveness. In addition, you must visualize your daughter’s future and be confident that your daughter will feel comfortable with her given name.

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