3 Girl Haircuts for the Summer

Summer comes and so does fun, walks along the beach, and inclement heat. It's time to give your little girl a fashionable haircut for the summer. 
3 Girl Haircuts for the Summer

Last update: 25 April, 2019

When the temperature increases and vacation time arrives, it might be time to find your little girl a new haircut so that she can look fresh and fashionable. What are your options for haircuts for the summer?

When it comes to choosing a good haircut, you should consider the following: the volume, the porosity, the shape of your girl’s face, and the climate. It’s also essential to ask your daughter how she wants to wear her hair. After all, that important decision shouldn’t just be left up to you.

You must excite your daughter with a change of look. Ask for her preferences and, from there, make a final decision regarding length and style. Maybe she wants a bold style. As the mother, you should reorient that idea towards an option more appropriate for her age and hair type.

Remember, your children are very influenced by TV and social networks. They may want to have their haircut like their favorite soccer player or singer, and that may not be the best choice for them.

Direct their aspirations to a selection that really suits them and goes according to their size, style, and hair type. Generally, the styles of girl haircuts for the summer are very similar: not too long and lots of bangs.

However, you have a lot of variety, since those aren’t the only options. Long hair should also be considered during the summer season.

How to choose the best girl haircuts for the summer

Yes, hair grows. While this happens, avoid any costly mistakes. Consider some important aspects in terms of aesthetics and, from that, select the best haircuts for your daughter during the summer.

Identify your daughter’s face type

You must identify the shape of your daughter’s face and the type of hair she has when selecting the haircut that most suits her. How do you determine that?

A very simple technique is to put your daughter in front of a mirror and, with a blackboard marker, draw the outline of her face. When you finish, you’ll notice if her face is square, oval, or round.

Taking this into account, we’ll offer you some recommendations so that you can choose between the best haircuts for your daughter in the summer.

3 Girl Haircuts for the Summer

1. Square face cut

A face has these characteristics when the jaw is wide and is aligned with the cheekbones. For this type of face, haircuts are recommended to soften the features, especially those that make the jaw look thinner.

Then, the styles of cuts recommended in the case of straight or wavy hair are those that leave the bangs short and the rest of the hair cut in layers. The length may vary: above the shoulders or a little below.

If your daughter has curly hair, don’t remove bangs, but consider reducing the volume with a cut in layers at shoulder height. It’s a very cool alternative.

“When it comes to choosing a good haircut, we should consider the following: the volume, the porosity, the shape of your girl’s face, and the climate.”

2. Cut for oval or elongated face

If your daughter’s forehead is long and narrow and aligned with the cheekbones, then her face is oval or elongated. Bob haircuts are recommended for these types of features. This type of cut is ideal for both straight and curly hair.

Usually, this haircut passes the shoulders, which will help keep your little one cool in the intense summer days. However, if your daughter likes to wear her hair a little longer, bob cuts are still a good option. They’re very cute and fashionable.

3 Girl Haircuts for the Summer

3. Round face cut

If your daughter has rounded cheeks and a small chin, then she more than likely has a rounded face. In this case, haircuts in layers are ideal. These soften the features and give the impression of a thinner face.

In these cases, the trick is to always keep some hair around the cheeks. That’s why the recommended length is at the height of the shoulders or just a little below.

With these tips, you’ll make the best decision of what type of haircut to give your daughter this summer. You should also follow suit and cut your hair to look like hers! Both of you will be happy with the results and will look fresh and fashionable for the summer season.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.