Having a Sibling Is Like Having a Treasure

A sibling is always the best ally for mischief, adventure, triumphs, and failures. What is it that makes this connection so special?
Having a Sibling Is Like Having a Treasure

Last update: 30 October, 2018

Children always want to have a partner to have fun and play games with. Having a sibling is perfect for this. Let’s take a look at what having a sibling is like and why the mutual company is so important for children.

Only children are usually spoiled in many different ways at home because they’re the center of attention. This can have its advantages, but if you ask any children if they want to have a sibling, their answer will surely be affirmative.

The bond between siblings is unquestionably strong, regardless of their age differences. At different times throughout their lives, their relationship may not be at its best, but that doesn’t last long and they’ll soon again become the best of allies.


The relationship between babies who have shared their mother’s womb walks a thin line between love and hate. Although they’re physically the same, their personalities will be very different.

There is a very strong bond between them, even more so than that between siblings who were born on different dates. Twins are the most faithful accomplices to each other. They fully enjoy each other’s company because they share their fantasies and everyday adventures.

Simple eye contact is usually enough for twins to know what their sibling is thinking. They support and protect each other, despite the fact that, inevitably, there are sometimes disagreements.

The support that they give each other to overcome hardships is really special. Twins truly feel that having a sibling is a treasure.

Having a Sibling Is Like Having a Treasure

Having a sibling with a large age gap

There tends to be more distance during some moments of their lives because their age difference comes with very different personal interests.

They may not always get along or relate to each other; this will depend mostly on the personality of each individual as well as the family environment.

The older sibling will be a role model for the younger one. The younger sibling will always look up to his older sibling and will see him as someone who can do things that he, because of his age, would never dare to dream of doing. The younger sibling hopes to follow in his brother’s footsteps and to make him proud.

For the eldest, his younger sibling is a treasure that must be protected. He takes on responsibilities of an older brother and understands that he’ll be responsible for his younger siblings’s welfare if at some point their parents become absent.

On occasions, being with his younger sibling may be annoying for him. However, he’ll remember that he was once a child and that, being with his younger sibling, especially to provide protection, isn’t so bad.

They’ll form a strong alliance based on admiration, respect, and a protective instinct.

Being an only child can have its advantages, but if you ask any child if they want to have a sibling, their answer will surely be affirmative. 

Having a sibling with a small age gap

Having a sibling who is close in age is a great advantage. Playing games together and going through different life stages together strengthens their bond and relationship. 

Going to the same kindergarten and having to face the same challenges at school together is a great relief for them and for their parents. As a result, they’ll count on each other.

It’s also positive when it comes to the family environment and home. It has financial advantages as well, because the second child can reuse items from his or her older sibling.

Ideally they may even share a room, making it is easier for the parents to keep things organized and establish a bedtime.

Having a Sibling Is Like Having a Treasure

Also, the energy that is invested in raising one child can now being shared, such as during the diaper stage, when learning to use silverware or brushing their teeth, among other moments.

Because of their small age gap, one of the siblings will always serve as a role model for the other. One of them will learn something more easily and will teach the other, or they will catch on through constant observation. A child learns habits quicker by watching his or her older sibling.

Having a sibling will definitely always be an advantage, despite the inevitable fights that may arise. Siblings are raised in the same home as us, and they’ll always share an almost unbreakable bond.


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