How to Gain Your Daughter's Trust

How to Gain Your Daughter's Trust

Last update: 27 May, 2018

Gaining your daughter’s trust isn’t at all easy, especially at certain ages where her life becomes much more complicated. Just because it’s difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Establishing a good relationship with your daughter is very possible. It only requires you to adopt certain attitudes and make certain decisions, and you should soon be enjoying a good outcome.

In order for you to reach a high level of trust with your daughter, you just need to follow some tips that we’ll give you today.

Tips to gain your daughter’s trust

As the years go by and the generations change, the trust that children can have with their parents is vital. The fact that your daughter tells you things is a very important sign of her trust in you.

With these tips you’ll be able to gain your daughter‘s trust and improve your relationship with her:

1. Listen to her whenever you can. Give her a little bit of your time, spend some time with her, see her as a friend you can trust.

2. Value the things that matter to her. Value her tastes, the activities she’s involved in, the things that are really important for her. Spend as much time as possible with her, in order to strengthen your bond.

3. Ask her how she feels. They should know that you notice their mood changes and feelings. Although they may not always tell us everything that happens or everything they’re feeling, we can give them a little support so they feel able to do it more often.

4. Respect her privacy. Although it’s good to ask her how she’s feeling, she shouldn’t feel that you’re prying too much. She needs her own privacy, space and time to process things.

Always be there when you need her

5. You are always there when she needs you. If there is one thing that kids greatly value it’s that their parents are there for them when they need them. When they feel this, in addition to strengthening the bond between you, it helps them see you as their greatest support.

6. You can listen to their opinion on serious matters. Children also value the fact that we take their opinions into account. If there is a serious matter we need to resolve, we can ask for their opinion. They will feel that their point of view is also important to you.

7. Take the first step to gain their trust. Daughters are often afraid to approach their mothers, as they see us as an authority that could judge them. Approach your daughter little by little and show her that she can trust you completely.

8. Show her that you trust her too. Let her see that you trust her, as this will make it easier for her to communicate with you.

How To Gain Your Daughter's Trust

The importance of trust

A study conducted by the World Health Organization showed that the lack of trust between parents and children increases the risk of difficult situations occurring in adolescence. Because of this, it is very important that we work on gaining our daughter’s trust from a young age.

Among the benefits that come from this are the following:

1. When children have a good relationship with their parents, they tend to be less aggressive and this reduces the likelihood that they may indulge in substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs.

2. The more you gain your daughter’s trust, the more difficult it will be for that bond to break.

3. A strong bond of trust with your daughter will allow her to improve her self-esteem and confidence.

4. It will make the mother and daughter much more united.

5. If they have any difficult situations or questions, you’ll be the first one they turn to.

How To Gain Your Daughter's Trust

The difference between you and your daughter is only superficial. In the background she is the same as everyone, a person who needs love

-Don Barthelme-

Why girls sometimes don’t trust their mothers

There are many reasons why girls may not trust their mothers. Here are some of them:

1. They think their mother won’t understand them. It is very common for daughters to think that, more so if they’re adolescents.

2. They think you’ll be upset if they tell you something. We must always ensure that we’ll be understanding in all situations.

3. Sometimes they prefer not to tell us something because they are ashamed. The important thing here is to understand them.

4. They feel we won’t take them seriously. Sometimes they may think we don’t really care about their emotions, and so we must show them we do.

5. Sometimes, they prefer not to worry us. She may think that she’ll cause us concern and, because of that, might choose to keep things to herself. We must show that we’re always there for her and that her problems are important to us.

6. She might think you’ll be disappointed in her. She may be afraid that she’ll disappoint you, and so we must be as understanding as possible and make her understand that this isn’t the case.

It’s important to establish good communication with our daughter from a young age, and, in that way, she’ll know she can always trust us.

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