9 Ideas for Getting a Tattoo with Your Child's Name

9 Ideas for Getting a Tattoo with Your Child's Name

Last update: 17 May, 2018

If you’re considering getting a tattoo with your child’s name, here are some recommendations.

When a child arrives in our lives, it’s a magical and indelible experience. Little ones leave a mark on our souls.

Why not also let that mark show on our skin? This custom is becoming more and more popular.

Many celebrities take this art as a form of expression; some show us great ideas, but others not so much. However, the end result is the same.

We want to proudly show the name of our child who came into our lives forever. One way to do this is by getting a tattoo with their name.

Recommendations for getting a tattoo with your child’s name

When you get a tattoo with your child’s name, there are some things you should know.

First of all, you have to be very careful when choosing the artist who will work on your skin. They must be a qualified professional who is certified by proper health authorities.

Remember that a tattoo with your child’s name is for life. Don’t let yourself get carried away by illusion and emotion. Think about it and then decide.

Analyze the art you want. Once the first ink mark is made, there is no turning back. Also be sure to know how to take care of the tattoo once it is done.

Tattoo ideas

Here are 9 alternative tattoo ideas to choose from if you’ve decided to get a tattoo with your child’s name.

1. Tattoo of his footprints

For safety reasons, in some hospitals when a child is born, they mark the footprints on a registration sheet with ink.

This is an excellent idea, and even more so if there are other children in your family. Play with this option.

2. For a large family

If your family is quite large and you want to have the name of all of your children, you can tattoo the family tree to include everyone. You can also include the names of some very dear relatives.

9 Ideas for Getting a Tattoo With Your Child's Name

3. For the very religious

It’s possible to take your children’s names and make them into a cross. This tattoo looks great on the arm.

Another way to get a religious tattoo with your child’s name is to include the date of birth accompanied by some detail that evokes the saint for that day.

4. For sporty children

If your child is an athlete or sports fan, you can tattoo his name next to a symbol that represents his favorite sport, team or position he plays, for example.

You can also make it in the form of a bracelet. Tattooing your child’s name around your wrist like a bracelet is a way to always keep it in sight.

5. A tattoo in your child’s handwriting

Another very nice idea is to get a tattoo of your child’s name in his own handwriting.

Use a piece of paper where he has written it or find it on a special drawing he signed. Then, the tattoo artist will be set to leave a memory from days gone by.

You must be very careful when choosing the artist who will work on your skin. He or she must be a qualified professional and certified by the appropriate health authorities.

6. Immortalize the time of birth

Have a large clock with the hands marking the time of your child’s birth next to his name. You can also devise a way to add other names as the family grows.

7. Partner tattoo

One way to share the joy of the arrival of a new family member is to get the same tattoo as a couple.

It is very beautiful to have the same tattoo on the forearm so that the name is complete when the forearms are joined. This is just one more way to be united.

8. For the strongmen

For those who exercise, putting their child’s name on a muscular arm will make them look like tender and proud parents. The important thing is that they feel comfortable and know how to appreciate the art.

Children bring joy to the home; if their presence is tattooed on your skin, you will always carry them with you.

9 Ideas for Getting a Tattoo With Your Child's Name

9. A tattoo of the child’s face

A tattoo of your child’s face is wonderful. You can put it almost anywhere.

A visible place may be the chest for men, or the legs. But if you want to show it off only occasionally, use the upper back. For a more special touch, tattoo it close to the heart.

Getting a tattoo with your child’s name will be a gesture that he will value very much when he grows up. What’s more, he could even end up getting a tattoo of your name some day, too.

The important thing, beyond art and drawings, is that the unique connection between you remains unforgettable for a lifetime.

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