4 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

4 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

Last update: 09 February, 2018

Having the opportunity to teach and guide your child through life is one of the greatest yet most gratifying responsibilities of parenting. However, sometimes you may doubt if you can make your child feel special.

We know that as a mother you wish them the best in everything. That’s why we are sharing a few ways that you can use to make your child feel special.

Practice these techniques and create a stronger bond by demonstrating the love that you feel for your child.

1. Maintain eye contact

You may think that listening to what your child says is enough to understand what they want to express. The reality is that one of the ways you can make your child feel special is to take a moment to look into their eyes.

This will make them feel special and they will notice that you are truly paying attention. Maybe they don’t think of it that way, but emotionally it is very important. You can also ask them a few questions about what they just told you.

make your child feel special

They will notice that you are being attentive to what they say and do. If your child wants to tell you something when you are busy, ask them to wait a moment and make time for them to tell you as soon as possible.

This action not only makes them feel special, but it will also improve your communication.

If your child is very small and isn’t talking yet, eye contact is even more important. They will try to express themselves and it is important that you are paying attention.

While playing or feeding them, take advantage of the opportunity to make eye contact.

2. Spend uninterrupted time with your child

Another way to make your child feel special is to set aside time to be with them without interruptions. It doesn’t need to be an entire day or take you away from all of your responsibilities.

It will be enough for your child that you dedicate a bit of time and truly focus on them.

There are many options:

  • Read them a bedtime story
  • Take them for a walk in the park every day before dinner
  • Play with them for ten minutes before leaving for work

Those are just three options. You can choose anything you like to do together.

While you are dedicating time to your child, ignore or turn off your cell phone and concentrate on what you are doing together.

3. Ask your children about things that are important to them

As a mother, you likely constantly talk with your children and discuss your thoughts with them.

One of the ways to make them feel special and important is to ask them about things that worry, interest, and even scare them.

Don’t just ask them: “How was your day at school?” and accept a response of “fine.” Go deeper.

Ask if they have questions, if they are happy or if there is something that is bothering them. This is a great way to get to know them and create trust.

how to make your child feel special

Your little ones will see that their lives matter to you. They will feel comfortable asking you anything.

It is important that you don’t criticize anything about what they tell you, to allow them to continue to trust you.

If they did something that was truly terrible, you can explain to them why it was terrible.

4. Take an interest in their passions

Although their favorite stuffed animal doesn’t bring you the same level of happiness, show interest in that stuffed animal. This is the final way to make your child feel special.

When you demonstrate love for the same things they love, they will know how important they are to you.

Listen with enthusiasm when they talk about their new sand castle and their new coloring book. Share their passions and pastimes to make them feel comfortable and supported.

Incorporate these four methods of making your child feel special into daily life. They are easy to follow and the results include better communication, better understanding, and a more confident child.

The only thing you need is a few minutes each day.



This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.