The Benefits of Modern Dance for Children

Modern dance classes are one of the many extra-curricular activities that our children can participate in. It's an excellent tool for developing children's self-esteem, their group concept, personal progress, and much more.
The Benefits of Modern Dance for Children

Last update: 21 March, 2019

Parents should consider the best extra-curricular activities for their children, with options ranging from learning a new language to playing a sport. Modern dance is also a highly beneficial and fun alternative.

Usually when choosing a physical activity for our children we think of the most common choices, depending on the child’s gender. However, dance is an increasingly popular option for boys and girls alike.

These types of activities, in addition to having all the health benefits of dance, are also very fun.  They’re great activities for socializing and teamwork. Beyond the other physical and mental benefits, children of course learn to dance.

Modern dance is the best way to channel children’s energy. In this way it’s just like traditional sports. Dance keeps kids physically active and can be done at any age.

Children enjoy music from the time they’re very young. Even babies can follow along with the music they hear around them. Most dance studios and academies offer modern dance lessons for children as young as 2 or 3.

Dance has numerous physical and  psychological benefits. It also helps with their artistic development. It doesn’t matter what genre the parents or children choose. They key is to participate.

10 benefits of modern dance for children

Here are some of the most important benefits of modern dance for children:

  • Children who do modern dance increase their strength and flexibility. They also develop their sense of balance and improve agility and coordination.
  • In a similar way, they develop their body awareness and get the habit of good posturewhich will be important in other areas of their lives.
  • Dance helps kids and gives them advantages in other disciplines.
  • It’s an effective tool for relieving stress and making kids feel relaxed. With dance, they gain a positive attitude toward life and reinforce the idea of committing to health activities.
  • Dance classes are very fun. Beyond that, they offer kids the chance to make new friends. These classes stimulate their social abilities and strengthen their sense of belonging to a group and make it easier for them to integrate themselves.

“Modern dance, in addition to having all the health benefits of dance, are also very fun. They’re great activities for socializing and teamwork.”

  • Group choreography supports teamwork, communication, trust, and cooperation.
  • Dance classes stimulate important life skills such as discipline and focus. Many people who spend time dancing are characterized by their aplomb, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • One of the main benefits of modern dance for children is that it stimulates the imagination and fosters creativity. It also combines joy and physical self-expression – all this in an appropriate and structured environment.
  • There is a clear link between physical expression and academic achievement. 
  • Unlike other disciplines, this type of exercise requires no expensive equipment or accessories.
The Benefits of Modern Dance for Children

Some tips for introducing little ones to modern dance

From the time your children are infants, there are a few tricks you can use to introduce them to the world of music and dance.

  • Encourage your baby to listen to music. It doesn’t matter what type of genre you choose. Pay attention to the baby’s reaction to choose the music they enjoy most.
  • At first, dance while holding the baby in your arms. This lets the little one participate in the dance and strengthens your connection. The child will feel protected and form a positive association with the stimulation of the music.
  • As children grow up, they’ll be able to move more independently. The early stimulation of their sense of rhythm and ear for music will help them improve their coordination and balance.

Finally, remember that modern dance has a positive impact. The benefits for children with limited physical capacities or hyperactive children are significant. 

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