A Mother’s Love through Her Daughter’s Eyes

A Mother’s Love through Her Daughter’s Eyes

Last update: 28 May, 2018

While most of our articles have to do with motherhood, today we’d like to talk about a mother’s love through her daughter’s eyes.

The story that you’ll find below was written by a member of our editorial team who was encouraged to share it with us and anyone else who would like to read it.

Dear readers, there is also space here for women who aren’t mothers.

Spring, 2017

The first time that my partner and I got on a bus together, we were still in our twenties. There were so many people on the bus that only I could get a seat.

My boyfriend remained standing as close as he could despite the crowd.

Sitting in front of me was a woman with a pouting baby that was about to cry.

I looked at the baby in the eyes and I saw that his eyes followed mine. I started making funny faces and he started to laugh.

Someone else came onto the bus and I gave up my seat but I continued standing near the baby.

I was holding my coat on my arm. It had a hood with some fur and I used it to make the little one laugh.

I took the rimmed edge and pulled it together so that it was no longer a coat, but rather some kind of stuffed animal.

Then I delicately touched the child with the new dog-like toy. “ Woof, woof, woof!” said the dog, and the baby shook with laughter.

A Mother’s Love through Her Daughter’s Eyes

The baby’s mother looked at me amused and thanked me with a gesture. I supposed she thanked me for preventing the pout from becoming a tantrum.

In turn I thanked her for sharing a beautiful moment with me through her baby.

I saw that she was tired but happy. I knew that she was a good mother.

Many passengers whispered on the bus about how I could make a good mother. I felt that was true even though I wasn’t thinking about having children at the time.

I got off the bus with my boyfriend. Neither of us said anything.

Then he smiled and said: “even though I don’t want to have children, I have to admit that you would make a good mother. You seem to get along well with children and they do the same with you.”

A fantasy was released and we continued walking down the street. As much as I may like children, I’m still not thinking about being a mother. My boyfriend laughed and continued walking.

My perception of a mother’s love

I remember that my mom had said several times how she thinks she was born to be a mother.

She said there was nothing that she loved more in this world than her children. That there is nothing and no one that can fill her with more satisfaction than seeing her children overcome challenges.

She says that she was so proud, so much so that she could feel self-fulfilled simply by having the opportunity to share the love that she feels.

In one way or another, a mother’s love can be deeply inspiring.

Unlike my mother, many people think that women aren’t born exclusively to be moms. I know that’s also true.

Despite that, I do believe my mother. Beyond the conviction in her voice, I believe in the happiness that invades her when she tells me everything without words.

I also see it when she says it to herself in silence, thinking that I can only see her smile.

This story has nothing to do with my own motherhood but rather with the way that I’ve perceived maternal love throughout my life.

A Mother’s Love through Her Daughter’s Eyes

At the age of 28, I only know how to be a daughter.

My mother has always been exceptional with me and my siblings. With all of her virtues, she was always unconditional and always making me feel her love.

I grew up seeing the many ways in which my mother could love a human being, beyond me, my brothers and the rest of the family.

I am infinitely grateful to her

Thanks to my mother, I’ve learned to fully perceive love and share it.

I’m an aunt of five children (for now) and on many occasions have attended to, cared for and loved my nieces and nephews as if they were mine.

When I see a baby, on the bus, on the sidewalk or in any public space, I remember how beautiful it is to have received the example of love from my mother.

The greatest gift for me – among the many that I have received from my mother – beyond motherhood, is the ability to connect with a child. Instant inspiration. Present without any predetermination.

I have accidentally learned how to be a mother

If one day I choose to have a child, I’m certain that I’ll be able to love my children above everything else.

For now, if I meet the eyes of a child, I can connect with him or her, through some kind of pure and sincere gesture. Always having the ability…. or rather, a gift to love.

If I never decide to be a mother, I’ll be satisfied with how much I enjoyed my mother’s love.

Thanks mom. Today, tomorrow and forever

Above all, I want to thank you for making love magnify the size of my heart.

If I’ve left something out, it’s because I’ll have to write about you once again.

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