My Child Is The Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me

My Child Is The Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me

Last update: 21 May, 2018

My child is the best thing that ever happened to me. Since the moment he was born, the future that I always dreamed of is now on the horizon.

When a new baby arrives in the family, it’s like everything resets in our lives. This tiny little baby quickly defines our present with the hope and joy he brings.

Sociologists and psychologists alike often remind us of the classic problem that characterizes modern society.
We’re plagued by an inability to live in the present. We don’t know how to enjoy the here and now. 
We live in a complex world in which we often obsess so much about the past that we fall into depression. We’re constantly reminded of yesterday’s failures.
At the same time, we fall into the trap of focusing too much on the futureWe worry constantly about a future that has yet to occur.
Anxiety is our constant companion as we struggle with impatience and uncertainty. Our hands are tied; we’re unable to control tomorrow.
It’s not easy to live in the here and now when our reality is so full of demands, deadlines and expectations.
Happiness lies in the present. This is something that many mothers discover the moment they give birth, and many fathers the moment they cradle their newborn children.
When we behold new life, everything suddenly changes. Like a music box that, upon opening it, we’re invited to pause and contemplate its beauty, to simply enjoy. The wonder of this perfect child anchors us to the present.

My past is important, but it doesn’t control me; my child defines my essence and my true self

My Child Is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me
The past is full of the mistakes we’ve made, the lessons we’ve learned, the wrong paths we’ve taken and the wonderful discoveries we’ve made. 
As human beings, we’re made up of stories – small drops of nostalgia and, sometimes, large dosis of regret.
But none of that matters anymore when our first child finally comes into the world. The day of our firstborn‘s birth arrives at long last and we forget all of our mistakes from the past.
Every broken relationship from the past becomes a blurry memory. We no longer linger on all the wrong paths taken, because we’ve reached the destination we’ve been dreaming of so long.
When a child is born, it’s as if we have the opportunity to start over again and erase the pain of the past. Our children are motors of happiness that push us towards a better future.
Don’t ever allow the burdens of your past to determine your present. Sometimes our lineage, the wounds of a difficult childhood or a cold upbringing have a great impact on us as parents.
  • We need to heal in order to be good parents. This is a process that takes time and a lot of delicate work, but it’s important that we do it.
  • Remember that as mothers and fathers we need to allow our children to deal with their own frustrations, and not overprotect them. When we’re unable to heal our wounds from the past, we often project our hurt and fear onto our own children.

Therefore, avoid those unhealthy  dynamics

My child makes my present beautiful and fills it with possibilities

My Child Is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me

Yes, we know. Having and raising a child isn’t easy. Inevitably, there are moments when things become complex and intense.

Those moments when you can’t figure out for the life of you why your child is crying. Times when you feel stretched to the max.

Most of the time, you’re several hours short of a good night’s sleep. Just the same, you find the strength to nurse your child, bathe him, take him to the doctor, and make him smile…

Sometimes the present is hard. Yet at the same time, even the difficult moments have their beauty and magic. It’s a kaleidoscope of mixed emotions that sometimes surprises you.

Because often, you tell yourself you’re not going to make it. But when you do – when everything works out for the best – you feel an immense pride.

Being a mother or a father is an adventure that no one thinks they’re prepared for. However, every day is new. And at every instant we see amazing things reflected in our happy child.

Our little ones grow every day, in health, strength, happiness, intelligence and beauty.

No more fear of the future; I’m stronger now

My Child Is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me

Scared of tomorrow? No way! Now the future is dressed with dreams and carries the scent of hope. You breathe it in like fresh air. You’re a stronger person now.

With the arrival of your child, you’ve discovered how strong you really are. You no longer live in fear and uncertainty.

You know one thing for sure: You’ll give the best to your child. And at the same time, you’ll take care of yourself and reach new objectives in order to give the best to your family.

You’re not afraid of the future because you’re living today to the fullest. Because every day you’re weaving a universe full of tranquility, affection and security for your child and your loved ones to enjoy.

With so much light, energy and vitality, there is no room for fear. Gone is the dark abyss of yesterday. Now you’re full of hope, and your child is your daily inspiration.

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