My Grandfather Created Magical Memories in My Life

My Grandfather Created Magical Memories in My Life

Last update: 03 June, 2018

My grandfather was nothing less than a magician. His power was immense and infinite.

My whole world shone as he doted on me and made me feel unique and special. And he managed to create an endless series of magical and breathtaking memories in my mind.

During these moments, my only wish is that my marvellous grandfather escape from heaven just for a while. All I want is to feel his protective arms embracing me.

I’d give everything to be able to touch his wrinkled hands caressing my cheek. His kisses and his loving eyes that speak of unmistakable love, as well as pride and devotion.

He cared for me, taught me, and kept me company. He entertained me with stories, songs and the rich experiences from his own life.

He wove wisdom, courage and intelligence into every anecdote that he shared. His experiences are a true treasure – the greatest legacy he could have left me.

mi abuelo 3

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.

–Welsh Proverb–

The magic of the memories my grandfather left me

My grandfather, a magical creator of vibrant memories, is one of the brightest stars in the sky. From way up above, his memories continue to guide me and show me the way.

Never will I forget the greatness of his being and his frankness. His deep complicity and the confidentiality with which he safeguarded my secrets will forever remain in my mind.

I lived unrepeatable moments with my grandpaMy favorite meals were set at his table, where we also ate the sweetest desserts. 

I would bury myself in his chest just to smell the scent of his cologne. We spent entire days walking hand in hand, looking for adventure.

Mornings sewing seeds and planting trees in the garden, long afternoons in the park, the smell of sweet pastries. Gifts, sweets, hugs and a thousand scratchy kisses, just for me.

He made me feel protected and cared for. He was always attentive to my every whim.

Having my grandfather by my side was surely like getting a piece of heaven. Snuggling on the couch to watch cartoons, talking about my day, remembering events from his past.

My grandpa was the first to introduce me to newspapers, magazines, and his old-fashioned radio.

From freshly-squeezed juice to root beer floats… From forest expeditions to pirate treasure hunts… Our time together always lead to the best conversations and secret confessions.

Countless surprises unfolded day after day alongside one of the most important and fundamental figures in my life.

My grandfather, the giver of immeasurable love

My Grandfather Was a Magician

My grandfather’s magic is still very much alive. With each memory, I recall the most beautiful and enchanting childhood. I have him to thank for so many life lessons, so much knowledge, so much wisdom.

He is an integral part of my self-confidence, my courage, my determination and my sense of right and wrong.

That wise old man loved me in a special way, even unique from the unconditional love of my parents.

He gave me all he could, holding nothing back and never asking for anything in return, just like my mother and father.

My grandfather never had to count on technology to remember my birthday or any other important date. His love for me was a reminder enough.

And when time took its tole on his mind and his memory, I made a point to make sure his days were still special. Because that is what he had always done for me.

His endless love and dedication made me into the person I am today, and his memory lives in everything I do.

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